Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dawson's Derby!

I had the honor of taking Dawson to his Pinewood Derby. It was my first time. I took way too many pictures. It was so fun to see these scouts so excited (and some parents, too).

D was so helpful the entire night and super supportive to others.
I was a proud auntie. If you ever have the opportunity to keep your nieces and nephews for an extended stay, you should jump at the chance. I had a great four days with both Dawson and Jade. We had some funny times, and we were able to get to know one another better. Thanks to Jason and Zulema for trusting us with two of their treasures. We had a blast.

Grandma Patty!

Grandma Patty has a bike!

This is a big deal. Most of her grandkids ride bikes every night, so now she can join them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Junk Jewelry!

I love my husband. He is so creative and loves a challenge. I gave him some knobs and asked him to make me something to hang my collection of crazy necklaces on. Little did I know he would attach them to a hundred year old window frame. I love it! Perfect. Thank you, Dearest Dear.