Friday, July 29, 2011

Future Olympians?

Maverick has been learning swim strokes through the city swim program this summer. He chose to skip the meets each week because he "didn't want to race." He heard medals rather than ribbons were given at the final meet and quickly changed his tune.

He did well, and seeing him excited made the weeks of sweating in the bleachers worth it. Maverick placed in both back and fly.

I have to admit it was fun sitting with Jill each week and then watching our sons accept their medals yesterday. I have to give a shout out to Emma who completely took her heats by storm. Jaw-dropping butterfly. Being a swimmer in a former life, I hold the fly in highest regard.

Thank you for the picture, Jill. Yours are always so much better than mine.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My 8th July 24th

In the Mormon world July 24th is a big deal (especially in Utah). It's Pioneer Day. In Mormon world your eigth birthday is a big deal, as well. It's the year you get baptized.

July 24th has an entirely different meaning for me. It's the day my first son was born, and he would have been eight this year had he lived passed six weeks and one day.

Each year I handle this day a little different. I would not say it gets easier each year. Some years are better than others. I try to celebrate his birth (not death) on this day. I do it quietly. Bobby and I exchange a word or two about it, and we are forced to go about our day's business. Tomorrow we have church, and I even get to teach a lesson on service. Should be interesting.

I am better because of his life. I am stronger, wiser, more faithful, and determined. I sweat the small things less than I did, and I tend to remember what's truly important more often. When Thomas died, I was so in tune. I became the strongest, wisest and most faithful I had ever been. Nothing of the world mattered to me at that time.

Quicker than I would care to admit the world has crept back in. Each July 24th I try to renew myself in honor of his memory. I try to regain some of that strength, wisdom, and determination. I remind myself how silly all of this petty stuff around me is, and I recall what is of most importance.

Let us not forget why we are here and what matters most. Though he was just six weeks and one day my son taught me more than I had learned in a lifetime. I can hardly recall his face, or his smile, or if he had a birthmark, but I can tell you he is mine for the eternities, and the love I have for him never fades.

Happiest Birthday, my son. Till we meet again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Vacation Day 6

Thank you Cook family for your kindness, patience, and hospitality. Let's do it again next summer (or sooner)!

Family Vacation Day 5

Mallory's birthday is July 5th. She woke up to this (thanks to the Cook's):

For the afternoon we headed up to Salt Lake to do Temple Square. Amazing. The best part was lunch. For Mallory's birthday, she was asked to write a wish on a piece of paper with her name on it. They attached it to two balloons. Then they opened up the roof of the building, and she released the balloons. All eyes were on her, and I cried just a little. It sure beat a birthday song at a steakhouse.
It was neat seeing all of the church sites. I had not been since I was a kid.
Special thanks to Carson for watching the boys, so we could just relax and enjoy the sites.

Family Vacation Day 4

We celebrated the 4th of July in Utah with the Cook clan. They had their neighbors over, and we set off a TON of fireworks. I have no pictures. In my opinion, if you've seen one firework you've seen them all, but I took of million pictures of our daytime activities at Thanksgiving Point.

Family Vacation Day 3

July 3rd was probably my favorite day.

Family Vacation Day 2

We decided to try out the Alpine Slides in Alpine, Utah (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics).

We had a blast on the slides, the zip lines, and the roller coaster.

After our day in Alpine we went to the Pizza Factory. It was delicious, and I can't believe I didn't take pictures of the breadsticks.

We ate dinner then went to Gigi's aunt's house to enjoy some July 2nd fireworks. We had a spectacular view of the valley, but this is the only picture I really thought worth posting.

Family Vacation Evening 1

When we arrived in Cedar Hill, we immediately had shaved ice and visited the coolest park.

Family Vacation

We went to Jeff and Gigi Cook's house in Utah for five days, but we packed so much into five days that I feel it is best to break the post up into parts.

We left July 1st at 4:00am.

We stopped in Vegas for breakfast. We chose to eat at the Bellagio and share the Vegas buffet experience with our kids.

They each ate nowhere near $17.00 worth of food, but it was fun to see their eyes grow as they took it all in.