Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sea World!

I had the honor of chaperoning Sydney's 5th grade class to Sea World last month. I wanted to let some time pass before I posted on it. I needed a moment to let the fatigue and car sickness pass, so the true memories would come out in my writing. Sea World holds a special place in my heart. It's almost a sacred place for me now. Sounds silly I know. Let me explain.

When I was introduced to Ron and Pat Kleinman (later to become Dad and Mom) they took me to Sea World. There, I fell in love with a seal. This seal couldn't catch a break. People would throw him fish, and he would choke on every tasty morsel and end up spitting his food out. I felt so sad for this seal. I wanted to rescue him so bad. My future parents bought me a seal to commemorate the day and that animal. I slept with "Sealy" every single night until I was 27 years old, and Bobby said, "The seal or the kid." Mallory was in our bed at the time, and I put Sealy in my closet. I think once Maverick is out of our bed, I will bring Sealy back to his rightful position.

Shortly after our son, Thomas, died the Caldwell family asked us to go with them to Sea World. Our families were the best of friends, and it was so good for us to escape Yuma if only for a moment and spoil our living children for the day. For weeks I had felt as though I was on a moving sidewalk. Life was going on around me, and I was moving (technically), but I felt as though life was moving without me really in it. Sea World was different. I lost myself there for a moment. Watching the Shamu show brought tears to my eyes. Actually, I cried like a baby. This magnificent creature shot out of the water, and I knew then and there without doubt my "Sweetest Boy" was being taken care of by someone much greater than myself. That enormous, gorgeous animal reaffirmed my belief in God and comforted me.

I have been to Sea World several times in my life, and each time is special. I went once with my sisters and girls a few years ago. It rained, and we pressed on. We wouldn't let the rain defeat us. We even rode Atlantis in the pouring rain. Now, this last trip with Sydney and her friends was memorable because I was able to see Sydney outside of our usual dynamic. I saw her mingling with her friends, trying to include others, attempting to be patient with a pack of wild boys, and I watched her feed the seals.

I love Sea World, and Sea World must love me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is Bigger Better?

In second grade at our school the students are asked to build/craft/make some sort of pirate ship and bring it in. It is a grade, and it is also a contest. These types of projects are Bobby's department in this home. Mallory insisted it be as big if not bigger than her sister's two years back. Of course, Bobby had no problem with that request. I wish I had a picture of Sydney's ship to post, but here is Mallory's.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Bridger James!

The Ladies!

The Mangum Home!

The Ranchero!

We love the Mangum family. A visit was long overdue. We had the best weekend, but it was much too short, as always.

Monday, June 1, 2009

These is my Words!

"Sometimes I feel like a tree on a hill, at the place where all the wind blows and the hail hits the hardest. All the people I love are down the side aways, sheltered under a great rock, and I am out of the fold, standing alone in the sun and the snow. I feel like I am no part of the rest somehow, although they welcome me and are kind. I see my family as they sit together and it is like they have a certain way between them that is beyond me. I wonder if other folks ever feel included yet alone."-Sara Prine

This paragraph speaks volumes to me. It is me.

Fabulous book! No complaints. A must read. It's made my top ten list which is very tough to do.