Monday, September 20, 2010

If You Build It...

Bobby is building a Christmas Village for the Visitors' Bureau. It will be located at the Quartermaster Depot for the month of December. There will be an ice skating rink and many other family style activities for folks to participate in. We are very excited to be a part of it, and you are getting a sneak peek at what Bob is creating.

I am so fortunate to have a talented, creative, and hard-working husband (three things I am not). I admire his fine qualities. Special thanks to his supportive and ecnouraging parents for raising up such an awesome guy.

I posted the pictures with Scott in them, so you could get an idea of the size.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Irish Twins! defines "Irish Twins" as two people (siblings) born less than 12 months apart (from the stereotype that Irish Catholics have many children).

That would define my sister, Katie, and I...Sort of. Technically, we are 364 days apart, and we are sisters. I guess all that back story will someday have to be written and posted, as well. Man, I better get on all of these writing assignments.

I was so lucky to have my Katie Kat in town (if even just one night). We went out with the parents to dinner, shopped at Sam's Club, watched television until midnight. Add a book and some Oreos, and you don't get much better than that.

Remember when we were kids, and we would countdown until the big day? It was at the forefront of our minds for weeks and weeks. Strange how priorities shift with age. Now, the forefront of my mind is fogged with boring, mundane things (not even worth mentioning). When I do have time to think about my birthday, I shove it out of my mind as quickly as possible because I just think about the wrinkles and chub appearing everywhere.

Well, I'm just glad I was able to age with my Irish twin this year. We have finally settled on an age to tell everyone for the next few years, and that feels good.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Two Boys!

I was brought home from the hospital and raised for just about seven years with the name "Sabra Faye Wagar." I am adopted as many know. I have yet to post regarding the topic, but it does not mean that I have not written something. I have written, but I have held back posting. Someday.

I have two brothers from my birth father. They are younger than myself, and they know Bobby from high school. Small world. Anyway, I stole this current picture of them off of FaceBook, then scanned in a couple of pictures from when we were kids, and had to share. One of Strider's nicknames is "Wagar James." He reminds me of these boys before I left my father's home (both in action and appearance). I think, I might finally have a child that resembles my side of the gene pool.

Tell me what you think.

Oh, and to answer the questions that always follow the topic of adoption: Yes, no, and sort of.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 5th, Yet Again...

This was my seventh September 5th. Strange. Each year the date comes and it goes, but it's different this year. As it was approaching I grew very anxious. It's a date I dread. The date forces me to remember. Most September 5th's I keep myself busy, but on this particular one I was sick in bed (had been for a week). I had plenty of time to think. I hate that most...TIME! On July 24th and September 5th, I indulge myself (if I'm so inclined) to feel sorry for myself for a minute, hour, or day.

I have a dear friend. We have only known each other a short while, but she is already in the "dear" category. Nuts how that happens. She lost her son last in August to cystic fibrosis. My heart has been aching for her, and this has put my always quiet, "sorry for myself" moment on the back burner.

I remember an old friend telling me seven years ago that at first I would survive this tragedy just second by second. Then minute by minute. Then hour by hour, and one day I would turn around and an entire day would have gone by without tears, meltdowns, aches, or pains. I didn't believe her at the time, but now I know this to be true.

I thought of my dear friend on September 5th and knew she was surviving minute by minute. I love you, dear friend. You are on my mind. I walked in to the school today and music was playing. A smile spread across my face for so many reasons.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thought This Was Funny...

I am forced to sit upright for a half hour after taking my medicine, so I decided to blog something I found funny before I go pass out for another several hours (for your sake do not ask).

Below you will see a picture of something I have probably never worked so hard for. I should cherish the proof, right? Most folks frame it and hang it, or walk the line and get a picture taken with it, or at least show their children, so their children can understand what took their mom away from them so many hours of so many days for so many years.

Not me.

It sat on my kitchen counter for two days until my mom saw the box and asked what it was. I told her, "I'm sure it's my diploma." She told me to open it as she pulled out her camera (no makeup morning). I'm going to call that my graduation party!

It's just a piece of paper right?