Friday, February 11, 2011

Three Cups A Day!

With the new year I decided I was going to get to the gym. During the last twenty seconds of my first time ever spin class, my foot somehow got wrapped up around the pedal, and I fractured two bones in my ankle.

While in the exam room at The Great Dr. Peare's office he asked me if I drank a lot of milk. I assured him that I do. He said, "Do you drink at least three cups a day?"

Bob jumps in, "Depends if there are Oreos in the house."

I couldn't say a word. It's all true. I'm so bad.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"My Great-Aunt Miss Arizona"

I borrowed a set of this book title today from a veteran teacher...a legendary teacher (love you, Janie). I was looking for a short read to do with my small groups. Without hesitation she handed me "My Great-Aunt Miss Arizona" and assured me they would love it.

Well, I don't know if they loved it. I was too busy loving it myself. This sweet book brought me to tears (more than once) while taking my turn to read aloud. Let me clarify, I was not tearing up. I was crying. My students were very concerned and could not understand what the emotions were all about, but these were the words that set me off:

"She hugged them when their work was good, and she hugged them when it was not."

This book captures the heart of teaching and was a tender reminder for me of why I come to work each day.

Miss Arizona taught in the mountains in a one room schoolhouse. Talk about differentiated learning! Teaching today is extremely different than it was in Miss Arizona's day, but the centerpiece of teaching is constant...The Child.

Everyone is wearing rubber bracelets with "Livestrong" or "Boobies" printed on it. Maybe, I should manufacture a rubber bracelet with "The Child" on it to constantly remind society of what truly matters and where our focus should be.

P.S. The first shipment of my bracelets would go to the government.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bound & Determined!

A vocabulary word this week for my ELL students was "errands." As a visual for them I created a "To Do" list on the board and explained how my mom is a chronic list creator. She lives by the list, so therefore, I refuse to be a lister. There are so many things I am bound to do just like my mom/dad, and then there are things I am determined not to do like my mom/dad.

Bound To Do:

Dance while driving and sometimes brake to the beat

Read multiple books at a time

Excessive use of the word "friggin"

Say certain words and phrases while requiring a New York accent "We love ya's."

Throw my head back and laugh out loud...very loud

Integrate sarcasm in absolutely any type of situation/conversation

Be my children's biggest fan

Find humor in most things...even inappropriate things

Be the bigger person

Determined Not To Do:

Wear a housecoat

Claim there are barking spiders in public

Wear fanny packs (see picture previous post)

Collect anything

Scream at an athletic event live or on television

I think I will add more to this list, but this topic was on my mind today after chatting with two friends at work. It's so easy as a parent to beat yourself up for what you did and didn't do, and it's easy for a child (myself) to remind parents of all they did and didn't do.

I love my parents. Friggin' nutballs!

Did I just make a list?