Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Like Thomas Wyatt Lemmon!

~I like to write his name on scrap paper when I'm bored at church. Then I stick the scrap paper in my scriptures somewhere to be stumbled upon later.

~I like to wear his birthstone...not mine. I will put one of my two ruby rings on once in a while in hopes someone will ask me about the birthstone I'm wearing.

~I like to design tattoos using his name or his initials (no portrait tattoos or footprint tattoos, thank you) and know the entire time I would never actually go through with it.

~I like to pull down his box of pictures once a year and go through each and every one of them all by myself (selfish me).

~I like when Bob and I talk about our kids and how they all look like Lemmon's, and Bobby will tell me "T" looked like me (sweet lies).

~I like when family and friends text me because they are unsure of what to say but want me to know they remember.

~I like acting tough, so no one feels uncomfortable.

~Most of all I like knowing that he is my son forever. I like knowing I will be his mother for eternity (and eternity is a long time).

~"I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always." ~ Robert Munsch

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Adventure #2 Julian!

Katie reserved a cabin for her week off this summer. She was so sweet to invite up any of her siblings who were available to join her. I jumped at the chance, and I brought Mallory along. The cabin was just beautiful, and the weather was a nice escape. We went a week without cable, Internet, or phone service. Strange but nice. We read, played games, slept, and watched movies. Delightful.

Not quite like the cabins we stayed in as children.
The kitchen and view were my two favorite things about this cabin.
We did a lot of reading...my favorite pastime.
A Downing family tradition.
Mallory had hours of fun with a few rolls of tape.
Life is good.

Kibbee's 11th Birthday!

Katie, Mallory, and I spent a week together in Julian. For the 4th of July, we loaded up and headed to see Kelly and the family for the holiday and to celebrate Mallory's birthday. Katie was so wonderful to plan a little party for Kibbee.

Summer Adventure #1 Oceanside!

My mother invited Sydney to go with her to my grandfather's timeshare in Oceanside this year. I invited myself to tag along. She pretty much told me I could only come if I brought the boys (long story made short). We had a wonderful time. We had a ton of family up there, and we kept plenty busy. Did I really have a choice with two boys?

My mother...The only human being on the beach wearing jeans. Love her!
Thank you for a wonderful trip, Mom! Thank you, Grandpa, for the hospitality.