Friday, March 28, 2008


Here are just some boring ole Easter pictures. I didn't have any of all of us together. I didn't have any great dresses made by Nicole. I couldn't get all my kids to open their eyes in one shot when dying eggs. I was even hesitant to put these pitures up at all, but the pressure is on from the grandparents. I will say I had a great gospel doctrine day! Easter truly is the greatest occasion on the calendar!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


My sister, Kelly, sent this to me, and it is just too precious not to post.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Guilty Pleasures!

I am avoiding homework at all cost, so I thought I'd throw a little post up on guilty pleasures. I thought it would be a nice laugh for most of you along with enlightening for some who might not know me as well as they think or wish. Ha ha ha. I will just list a few that pop into my head right off the bat.

1. Oreos with cold, cold 1% milk. I have to say it's been months though. I will probably indulge when Joan and Lisa come next week.
2. Reality Television. I watch American Idol, Project Runway, The Bachelor, Survivor, America's Next Top Model, Biggest Loser, and I fill in with some unknowns when there is nothing else on (Making The Cut, Split Ends, Celebrity Fit Club, etc.). It all started years ago with MTV's Real World season 1, and it has taken off from there. All I can say is thank goodness for DVR!
3. Cold Stone Creamery's Mud Pie Mojo which is made with coffee flavored ice cream. And I call myself a Mormon!
4. Fast food. Namely McDonald's and Jack In The Box.
5. Webkinz. I'm getting better. I only check them two or three times a day now.
6. Shopping. I don't feel guilty, but it sure is a pleasure! Now, shopping on eBay might qualify. This is another one I've cut back on.
7. I don't watch rated R movies, but I don't mind a nice rated R book every now and again!

That's all I have for now. I'm sure more will come to me in time.

Here is a new addition to my family of purses another spawn of a guilty pleasure.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Great Hair Day!

I had a great hair day today, so I wanted to post a picture. I don't often like much about myself, so this is quite a monumentous occasion.

Birthday Boys!

Maverick and Lino are finally three! Here are a few pictures from tonight's festivities! Buddy kept saying all day, "NO! I don't like three. I only like two!"

Buddy's Birthday!

We had a combined birthday party tonight for Lino and Maverick. I took a ton of pictures, but I'm only posting these two for now. These are for you, Brother! We are proud of you and counting down the days till you get home!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Morning!

This is one of the most irritating things...


My mom is always asking me for a hard copy of my blog (and Joan's). I found a great site called They will make your blog into a book for a fair price. I guess Mom knows what she is getting for Christmas this year, and I can say, "I worked on your gift ALL YEAR!"

Friday, March 7, 2008

Real Deal

I started this blog to kind of take place of a journal. I'm looking over my blog, and it's a nice highlight blog, but it doesn't really say much about me and my every day thoughts on anything. I need to get real and put some thoughts on this thing. So beware! You might not like it!

My thoughts today in the shower (after my usual beating over how much weight I've put on over the years) consisted of regrets. Bobby is in a band. I call them "The Regrets." I only call them this because I think most of us regret not taking those piano lessons (or voice, violin, guitar, etc.) more seriously when we were young. Some people say they have no regrets in this life. Lucky them. I have so many. Some seem dumb or trivial, but they are regrets none the less!

Here are some of mine, and they are in no particular order:
1. piano lessons could have been appreciated more
2. voice lessons could have been taken more seriously
3. first four years of community college
4. not really listening in seminary (at least I went)
5. letting peers intimidate me one too many times
6. that haircut in 5th grade
7. not flossing religiously
8. a few guys
9. Autumn (the name not the season)
10. Marley (a dog not a singer)
11. a few purchases on credit
12. wedding reception or two (not just my own)
13. laying my (first three) sleeping babies on their bellies
14. an email or two (Sorry, Karen)
15. Oh, and I have to mention the glasses I wore for a short time in high school. I won't ever admit it verbally, but I wrote this one for you, Bob! They were cool at the time, I swear!

Here are some regrets. I fear I could go on and on. Some make me laugh thinking back and some make me cry. I've grown because of each of these regrets. Would I do them over again? No. I think that's what makes them a regret.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 Inches of Contension!

Bob finally cut off most of his beard on Sunday. I'm a much happier person, and I think he is enjoying the change as well.