Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Littlest Graduate.

My "Littlest Babe" graduated from preschool last night. No tears were shed to my surprise. I did okay. Maybe, it's just time. I have spent many years with Hand In Hand, and I have learned and loved so much. All four of my children enjoyed the preschool program, and Maverick even did the kinder program. I will miss the staff and the morning chats with my fellow moms. It's been a fun run.

Tiny chose what he would wear for the event. Bobby couldn't believe I let flip flops and skinny jeans happen. Typical fourth kid syndrome happening in our house. Sydney wore a formal gown just about when she graduated. Mallory wore a church dress. Maverick wore a button down, and here we have Strider in a t-shirt.


Sydney and Mallory had their end of the year recital last week. I am so grateful for Edna and her willingness to teach my girls. She makes it fun and laid back which is not the rigid method I was raised on. I figure, she turned out a musician, and I did not, so her method must work.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Dress Ups!

Just caught this happening and grabbed my camera.

Ironman the Luchador vs. The King of Kings
Posing for the camera.

Mother's Day Tea Finale!

Strider and I enjoyed Mother's Day Tea at Hand In Hand yesterday. This is the biggest event of the year for Hand In Hand, and it was wonderful as always but especially nostalgic for me. This event marked an end of an era for me. The end of the preschool years in the Bobby Lemmon family.

Tiny sang the far.
Love my Babes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Express Yourself!

I've always been a free spirited sort of parent. It took Bobby about 13 years to convince me a bedtime was necessary. If my boys wanted their fingernails pink they were painted HOT pink. Mallory wanted to color her hair with rainbow stripes, so we did. I think I'm pretty open to their ideas, but this...This pushed my limits:

Anyone who knew Bobby as a child or knows the stories of "Dress Up Bobby" can tell you, "Like father like son." Love this kid. Love his dad.

Easter Hunt!

I brought over one tradition from my family when I joined the Lemmon clan, and that is the legend of the Golden Egg. My grandmother would keep one egg in the yellow dye all day long while we dyed other eggs in other colors. The egg would come out golden and perfect. She would tape a dollar bill on it and hide it. That was the "Golden Egg." All the glory would go to the child who found the special egg and the money was an added bonus. When my daughter started hunting eggs on Easter many years ago, I decided we needed a golden egg, and I have kept this tradition alive. This year, we got a little carried away with several golden type eggs. Between all of us, I think there was at least $20.00 to be found. Long story short, it didn't go well. We had tears, pouting, and I even saw one kid kick another kid. I was told maybe we shouldn't do the golden egg next year, and to that I say, "The Golden Egg must go on!" We will just be sure to have only one, and we will keep things cheap.

Easter Sunday!

This is the first year I didn't do Easter clothes for my kids. It didn't seem to make much of a difference. No one noticed, and I think they look just as gorgeous as ever. Don't you?