Friday, April 30, 2010

When Did That Happen?

All I know is I turned around on April 20th, and my baby girl turned twelve. Amazing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MBA Coming Soon!

I am beginning my last week of classes tomorrow. This is a picture taken today of one of my biggest supporters while I was doing homework. My family and a couple of friends have sacrificed so much and been so patient with me throughout this two year journey. Thank you!

Gymnastics World of Yuma!

Kibbee (Mallory) is on a performing team for gymnastics. I am the first to admit I live vicariously through my kids. I always wanted to be a great gymnast, but it was quite obvious from the early years I was no athlete. I always felt like a thorn in my parents' side because I was not gifted in school or athletics like their other four children. Then there was my awesomest cousin, Deeann, always doing flips and fancy tricks while I watched (barely able to do a cartwheel). My girls are so great at everything I make them do. I appreciate their willingness to give anything a try.

Pictured here is Mallory with her teammate, Jade. Along side of them is their talented coach Teraline. Gymnastics World of Yuma is a fantastic place! They have found a wonderful balance of hard work and good fun. They have several options for summer, too. Check them out. (not letting me post live links tonight)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

He's Done It Now!

I missed a call from Edna today, so I hurried to call her back when I left Rancho. She informed me she had to take Savana (our friend/employee) to the ER because her fingers were smashed in the bathroom door. I felt bad. Wait. There is more. I am then told the fingers were smashed in the hinged side of the door. Wow! That sounds painful. Oh, and the door was slammed and locked on her fingers. Gees! I inquire, "Do you think her fingers are broken? Is she in horrible pain? Who's the crazy that slammed the door?"

Edna quietly responds, "Tiny."

So sad.

So sorry, Savana.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dyin' Eggs and Babies!

Here is a before and after of our egg collection.

Kookies with Katie Kat!

We were so lucky to have my sister, Katie, with us for Easter. She always has fun activities to do with the kids when she's here. They played with Play-Doh, painted ceramic magnets, and decorated cookies in the four days she was here.