Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Boys!

I had a wonderful chat with my friend, Jill, yesterday. One of the topics we visited about was how crazy boys can be, and how much they change the dynamics of a home. I am so glad my sons have one another, and I'm greatful to their father for being a fine example. These boys are quite a handful, but they give me quite a heartful (Remember that post?). I began blogging a few years back in order to put some kind of positive spin on all of Maverick's antics. He's growing up and even maturing a bit, so my posts have been a bit lifeless. Don't get me wrong, these two have some good times together, but the shock value has greatly decreased. Maverick has made me a better mother, but let me tell you, when I found out I was pregnant with another son, I didn't know if I could survive another.

I told Jill, "Tiny is my calm after the storm."

She says, "Sadie is my prize (or surprise some might say)."

Isn't it true? The Lord only gives us as much as we can handle.


We just finished up another horseshow last weekend. Both Sydney and Elena did very well. This was an especially nice show for me for some reason. It just felt very calm and relaxed. I love that Sydney has something she loves and gets to share it with my cousin and my awesome aunt.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Dearest Dear!

I wanted to wait until after Valentine's Day to write a little something about Bob. He would be expecting it on the day and disappointed. I knew if I waited it would be all the sweeter for him. He claims I never write about him.

Warning: This might get sappy, and that's something I don't reveal very often.

Bobby worked tirelessly this weekend for The Treehouse, the Heritage Festival's River Daze, and me. He created a 50 foot long river and hauled it down to Old Yuma in an attempt to help save Yuma's Territorial Prison. He then hauled The Treehouse's float down to Old Yuma for our publicity booth. He made sure to keep Edna company, so she would not be too bored and lonely without me while I worked at Rancho. He fixed a leak in the river. He even enjoyed the sweet sounds of "Johnny Black" singing and selling his cd at the booth across the way.

No complaints.

Saturday he kept the kids most of the day and took Mallory to her parade performance just so I could sit at The Treehouse booth all day.

No complaints.

Sunday he got up before daylight for meetings and attended to his church duties. He made arrangements to leave quickly after church, so he could drive Sydney out to Roll to ride her horse. Then he headed to Old Yuma to haul his river away to The Quartermaster Depot. After that challenge he had to take The Treehouse float home.

No complaints.

He arrived home after dark and made dinner for his little family for Valentine's Day.

No complaints.

I love my busy Valentine!

This is our 13th Valentine's Day together, and I am certain I love him more than I did on our wedding day if that is possible. Looking back, it's almost laughable at how little I knew about 19 year old Bobby Lemmon. Due to trials and experiences we've shared over our years together, I have seen the depths of his soul and have been the recipient of so many of his gifts. Bobby has the gift of ceativity, dreaming, serving, sharing, patience, music, and listening.

No complaints.

I love you Dearest of Dears!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Head Shot!

I will be writing a feature article for Moms' Club West's newsletter each month. The editor asked for a photo to include with my first article. Here are some attempts at taking a decent headshot. We all know how much I love the camera. Where are my photographer friends when I need them? I was going to tell Michelle (with the newsletter) to just take a picture from my blog, but I noticed those are far and few between. This blog proves, I am never alone. Minus the redeye, Fran's headshot is the only one that turned out. She wasn't even meant to be in the photo. She weasled her way in. Maybe, she can write the article.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This new year is already full of comings and goings.

1. Our great neighbors left us at the end of December. This is going to be a huge adjustment for not only myself but my entire little family. Alonso and Carol have been so good to us, and their kids have become very special to us. They are only a mile or two away, but it feels like a million miles when you are accustomed to walking next door in your pajamas. We did celebrate Carol's birthday in good ole' Lemmon/Acosta style with lots of carne and salsa! Dangit, no pictures. Next time!

2. Bob was called to the bishopric. For those of you familiar with Mormons you know what this entails. For everyone else, let's just say he's going to be busy, and this means a change in my calling (primary pres.) coming soon.

3. Scouting Expo was here, and we had a blast. I was just going to head over to enjoy some tri tip, but I ended up staying most of the day. Great food and even better folks!

The boys loved the cool, old trains they could play on.

The boys' favorite booth at the expo was where they could make and use their own marshmallow guns. Just to give you an idea of how many marshmallows there were on the ground, I am posting this picture of truly embedded soldiers.

Tiny enjoyed playing with his food, as always.

This is Maverick in front of a truck from Dad's favorite store, Southwest Lumber!

My boys were super excited to see a Border Patrol car just like Uncle Aaron and Uncle Mike drive (not quite).

4. Mallory and Malaya were baptized January 30th.

5. Annette and I went to Psychic Sylvia Browne. She is just like she was on Montel. We had a fun time. The best part was getting to hang out just us. It had been much too long. I do have one horrid picture I refuse to put on the blog.


Kay-Lanie came back to the United States and her family. We have all missed her so. I was able to keep her decision to come home a secret, and both Sydney and Grandma Patty were quite surprised. I'm not sure anyone missed her more than Sydney though. It just hasn't been the same without our Kay Bugs here. Welcome home, Wongies!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Infamous Rains!

We had an unusual burst of rain for a day or two in Yuma. Strange for us. It was quite a bit of moisture, and there was a tornado watch issued. Sydney was nervous about the freakish weather, so Bobby took the girls out to have fun in it.

January 15th!

My "Tiny Babe" turned three. Patty was kind enough to make this cute, giant cupcake. Other than that the day was like any other, but each birthday of Tiny's is a huge milestone for me. Special Boy.

Side Note- Does anyone else notice Buddy's crazy eyes?