Tuesday, January 25, 2011

100% Chance of Crazy!

While talking with my sister, Joan, yesterday about how crazy our parents are I was able to use the adopted card in my favor for the first time.

I usually keep the adopted card hiddeen away. I have been known to bring it out for a "feel sorry for me" moment or two, but for the most part we just ignore that I'm adopted, step, or half to anybody. I just want to be everyone's sister. Normal.

Back to yesterday...Joan and I were discussing some of the nutty things our parents do/did. I laughed and said, "You know with our parents you have a 100% chance of crazy!"

Of course, she responded, "Do you really think your birth parents are any less crazy?"

Well, there's always a chance, right?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sabra "The Exemplar" Lemmon

Scene I
This morning on Bob and Sheri they were discussing the arrest of the 100 mobsters in New Jersey and New York. It then lead to mob names.


Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso

Jimmy "The Weasel" Fratianno

Johnny "The Hook" Regatti

Vincent "The Chin" Gigante

Frank "The Hammer" Jones (for you Frank)

Tony "The Tiger" Rosario

These names are earned, and it's always fun to hear how they get the not so loving label.

Scene II
I arrive with my boys to school today and am quickly instructed by Maverick's kinder teacher to report to Mrs. Parsons (the director) right away, and I'm told to take Maverick with me.

I am informed he and a friend have been saying very mean things to some of the younger, preschool children. It has upset one child so much that he doesn't want to stay for extended day anymore for fear of a run in with my five year old. Basically, my son is bullying, and it has to stop.

I had no idea! I know he's wild and unruly, but truly I did not know he was terrorizing three year olds.

Once again, I am Mother of the Year.

I'm in the director's room hearing what she is saying and thinking, "Wow. I am a mother of four. I am a teacher. I own a child care center/preschool...Yuma's Best 2010 actually. AND I serve on the board with Mrs. Parsons. What am I doing wrong here?"

On paper I look like I know what I'm doing, but I just don't. I remember the saying, "Babies should come with a manual." I never thought I needed a manual UNTIL TODAY. In fact, I always thought that saying was kind of dumb.

I didn't even know how to respond to Mrs. Parsons or what to say to Maverick during the meeting. I just sat there like a buffoon. I went to my car and cried like a baby myself. I cried to Bobby. I cried to my friend,Carrie, and then I moved on to crying to Savana. I can't remember the last time I cried (other than funerals, movies, shows, and commercials).

Closing Scene
Mafia name given: Sabra "The Exemplar" Lemmon. So named because I am a constant example...typically of what not to do.

Buddy "The Bully" Lemmon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Three!

I was able to see two of my three sisters this weekend. We tried over and over to take a picture of ourselves, and this was the best of the bunch.

We three have been sisters for 25 years, and we were buddies before that. I can't imagine life without 'em. From making imaginary music videos in the van to playing meadow girls on the farm the fun rarely ended. We've been through a lot together, and we are stronger because of it.

I love you, sisters.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Ride Is The Thing.

Today was Grandma Darlene's funeral (Tom's mom). She was a sweet, little lady. Since attending my own son's funeral, I have pretty much avoided all funerals. Patty's mom passed away last year, and that was my first funeral in six years. I didn't just attend, I delivered the eulogy. It was very emotional for me. I was sad to lose my friend Peggy, and I ached for Patty's loss, but I was also re-grieving a little selfishly. Today was a little different. I watched Bobby's Aunt Nancy say goodbye to her mother and wrap her sweetly before the casket was closed. I thought of how life moves. It never stops. It truly is a circle. Today we celebrate Strider's birthday, as well. That's just one example of the circle and the always moving ride of life.

Jerry Seinfeld said it best, and I've quoted him many many times:

"Life is truly a ride. We're all strapped in and no one can stop it. When the doctor slaps your behind, he's ripping your ticket and away you go. As you make each passage from youth to adulthood to maturity, sometimes you put your arms up and scream, sometimes you just hang on to that bar in front of you. But the ride is the thing. I think the most you can hope for at the end of life is that your hair's messed, you're out of breath, and you didn't throw up."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"He's All Boy!"

I took Tiny to Sam's Club today for lunch, and several times throughout the adventure I was told, "He's all boy!"

What does this translate to? Is it some sort of compliment, because they sure present it like one? Is it a passive aggressive way to tell me to control my wild child? Could it just be elderly folks trying to strike up conversation?

Whatever it means, I'm glad he's all boy and not a half of one. What fun would a half boy be? I don't dare tell them there is another one just like him (maybe more boy if possible) at home.

This is "ALL BOY" sleeping. Perfection.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Along Came Polly.

Edna and I have been in business together for a while now. I have learned a lot about her, but I have learned more about myself.

I overheard Edna telling an employee the other day that we needed to replenish our Polly Pockets. I had a free moment on the computer at work today, so I quickly looked on eBay for a lot of Polly Pockets on auction. Here is what I see:

Huge Lot of Polly Outfits: $1.99

Huge Lot of Polly Pockets: $3.99

That is an incredible deal, right? I jump right on it. I'm bragging to all the employees in the room about the great deal I found on Polly Pockets and use the "Buy It Now" option on eBay.

I never even thought to read the item description. After all, I consider myself a bit of a toy expert (owning a play center and all).

I texted Edna right away to let her know I handled the Polly situation, and I impressed her with my sweet find.

Later, I decided to send the seller a message asking her to combine shipping for me. That's when I noticed my enormous error!

The auction was for ONE doll and ONE outfit. If you add shipping in, I spent just about $15.00 on A used Polly Pocket (market value new:$5.00).

I had to laugh at myself. I have been taught this lesson before. I guess it was time to relearn it.

Edna and I compliment each other in that I jump into things without thinking it through, and she'll think about it forever. Most times we meet in the middle and things happen. Special thanks to Edna for just laughing at me when I broke the news. She's so patient with me.

P.S. I know Mom, "Always read the fine print!"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Strange Find!

I can't stop looking at this photo my son took of himself. Would you call it creepy, strange, art, or would you have just deleted it?

Downing Christmas!

For the Downing family, we like to spread our events out as much as possible. We had Christmas with Katie the second weekend of December. The next weekend Joan arrived. During Joan's stay Kelly made a visit, and while they were all here we had a party at the Downing home. Then on Christmas day my parents come over, and we always open our boxes in a very orderly fashion while Mom photographs every moment. Often times if she misses a shot we have to reinact the scene just for her. We can laugh about it now. Neat, orderly, quick, and pracitical is the Downing Christmas way.

Christmas Breakfast!

More Breakfast!

Every Christmas morning after opening gifts at home, we head over to Patty and Tom's for breakfast. The breakfast is my favorite part of Christmas. After eating a good ole fashion heart-stopping breakfast, we move on to the presentpalooza! Gift opening at the Lemmon home is done very different than the Downing way. At Patty and Tom's it's pure chaos! It's every man for himself! It's messy! It's loud! It's insanity! It's awesome!

Christmas Morn'!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It's so fun at this stage. Bob decided at the last minute to make a workbench for the boys. It has chalkboard paint on the tabletop and toolboxes to boot. The boys love it. Mallory got new derby skates and Sydney opened a camera. Santa brought Tiny a bike, and Buddy got a basketball hoop (like Zac). Joan was surprised with a Nook, and Bob opened the best surprise of all this year. See if you can tell what it was bythe picture below. Bonus points if you know the first movie he watched.

Bobby's Surprise!

Workbench built by Bob.

Photo that inspired the workbench (taken at my mom's)!

Boops and Buddy starting the process.

New derby skates for Mallory. She outgrew her old ones and has been waiting and waiting.

Strider opening his Batman castle.

Christmas Eve!

Each year Patty and Tom host a Christmas Eve party. It's always a lot of fun, but this year had to be one of my favorites.

Bobby and Frank looking at which records they can break this year.

Alexis doing a carpet angel.

Mike was "Bobbied" this year at the gift exchange.

The infamous Santa Bag!

Julia striking her pose.

Mallory and Naomi...I don't want to know what they were smelling.

My awesome, talented, gorgeous, sparkly friend, Denise, and I smiling for the camera.

Three of four Lemmon boys. Where was Jason?

Ashley and Rosely came in all the way down from El Centro.

Carla, Joan, Ashley, and I. Patty was busy. I have no pictures of her or Tom this year. I'm terrible.

My beautiful, hard-working, fun loving, single friend, Carla and myself posing for FaceBook profile pictures.

Sydney and Kay-Lanie all grown up.

My Buddy!

Just Joan's Stay!

Joan comes down each Christmas, and I've been the lucky one to house her most times. We have created some traditions together, and these have become so important and special to me.

-She always takes the kids to look at lights and then eat ice cream.

-She babysits on the eve of Eve, so Bobby and I can go Christmas shopping.

-When we get home she wraps gifts all night long with us.

-She wakes up with all of us at the crack of dawn to open presents with us.

-I always make sure to spoil her rotten, so she'll come back the next year!

Just Joan, I just love having you around.

Guess who? Hysterical.

This photo pretty much captures Joan's entire visit.

Kelly & Company's Visit!

Kelly and Chelsea

Jaime and Maggie (No, she does not have a mullet. It just photographed like one.)

I have been slow to blog about Christmas. I think it's just the overwhelming amount of photos I took that discourages me. I still have to sift through and decide which ones are blog worthy.

I was loading photos last night, and I saw these of my sister, Kelly, her husband, and her kids, and I had to do a post just on them. They came down just for a day to do Christmas. I loved having them and hated to see them go. I appreciate Jaime for missing his grandfather's birthday party for us. I know his family was probably very disappointed.

My sister, Kelly, has grown into an amazing woman. I am so impressed with her and all of the accomplishments she has made. She is the sweetest mom, and most adoring wife, not to mention...a college graduate!!! I'm just a super proud big sister.

I heard my dad saying (bragging?) about his four daughters all being college graduates, and it got me thinking about the different paths we have each taken and where we are now. We are four very different sisters, girls, women, but we are all very close and very loyal.

I was fortunate to see each of my three sisters over the holiday. Best Christmas ever!

I love you, sisters!

Kellumbus and Just Joan

Kellumbus and Dad

Our idea of "crazy faces" is lame.