Thursday, January 28, 2010

Desert Life!

Jason and Zulema called and invited us to hang out in the desert with them to burn Christmas trash. Anytime there is burning involved, Bobby is on it! He loaded up a ton of pallets, and we were off! We had a great time with a crew of Lemmon folk and Jeff Cook and his boys.

Christmas Crash!

After Patty and Tom's we went out to the farm and visited with Grandma Evelyn and my side of the family. Here is Tiny after the big day.

Mama Knows!

I told my mom about the Razor go cart we wanted for the kids. Let's just say she was a little uneasy about the idea, but I insisted. Well...Here is Strider on day one of the cart.

Lemmon Time!

Each year we head over to Tom and Patty's to open gifts with the Lemmon side and eat a "divine" breakfast (for you, Ash).

Candid Christmas!

These are just a few pictures of the billions I took on Christmas morning at our house. One day I will have a nice enough camera to take a nice picture of my tree. Maybe, I'll have to get one of my professional photographer friends to come take a picture of it. I'm always sorely disappointed when I see it on the blog. Maybe, I'm fooling myself, and it's hideous in person. Blinded by love, as they say.

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas. Carol and Alonso let me in on what Santa was bringing their kids, and I knew there was no way they would enjoy their gifts unless Santa brought us something similar. Santa pulled through at the last minute, and all the kids had fun riding outside that morning. Buddy wasn't interested in letting anyone else have a turn as you can see, but it is a gift to be shared.

Joan kept our tradition of being with us Christmas morning to open gifts. It was so fun to have her. I spared putting pictures of her up. You should be thanking me, Just Joan!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Eve Party!

We have an annual Christmas Eve party at Tom and Patty's every year. We all bring food, hit a couple pinatas, do a gift exchange, and enjoy a delivery from Santa. I took a ton of pictures this year, and I want to post them all, but I decided to be somewhat selective. Enjoy!

Christmas Recitals!

I know I'm late getting all of these pictures up. With the current death of my hard drive these things are to be expected. I'm hoping for a new desktop in February, so I'll be back on track for sure!

We had several programs over the month of December. Here are some photos.

Kibbee playing at her piano recital. No mistakes!

Boops playing for her piano recital. She did awesome! She is really progressing.

This is Kibbee as an elf at her school program.

Buddy & Davis! They are buddies at preschool, and I've been buddies with Davis's mom for MANY years! Love ya' Lainers!

Here is Buddy just before his Christmas program at Hand In Hand. He kept telling us he was going to be the king. He was technically a wise man.