Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Light Parade

The Treehouse entered the light parade this year. Bobby and company built this float. We won "Best Float!" The troubling part is that The Treehouse received no recognition in the paper or on the news. This is very disappointing for a small, local business trying to create ways to market ourselves. On a more positive note though, the float was fabulous, and the kids had a great time riding in it and on it through the parade. Dawson was so awesome yelling for a good, solid hour over and over, "Merry Christmas from The Treehouse!" Talk about free advertisement!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Bobby, Tom, Jason, and Jared decided it had been too long since they hiked Picacho. Aaron skipped out this time, and I'm bummed because there are some great pictures, but they don't seem complete when one of the brothers is missing.

Thanksgiving '09 Part III!

This is my Tiny hangin' out with the dog's at Joyce & Phill's.

It's tradition on Thanksgiving to saddle up!

Thanksgiving '09 Part II!

My boys have so much fun out in Roll.

Oh yes, Buddy broke his arm a few weeks ago. He and Tiny were wrestling and Buddy decided to quit and lay on the back of the couch. Unexpectedly, Tiny came and pushed him off the back of the couch. Oops! We have been parents for eleven years. We've had five broken arms so far. Mallory-3, Sydney-1, and Buddy-1. I'm sure there are more to come.

Thanksgiving '09 Part I.

These are just a few Thanksgiving pictures I took. Don't worry, Mom, there are a ton more just for you.

The view from Joyce & Phill's backyard.

The Aunties

Grandpa Harley

My cousin, Dillon, looking very interested in what my dad has to say.


We got a new dog about a month ago. It was fun while it lasted, but we just decided we weren't giving her the attention she needed. A friend of mine has taken her, and I know they will be a perfect fit for eachother. In the meantime, I have this picture to post of Buddy and our dog Fran. We have been considering sending Fran to live with Joan to keep Chuy company, but I don't know that I can part with this. Could you?

Horse Shows!

We had a horse show a month or two ago, and we had one this weekend. These are pictures from Sydney's first Yuma show. I forgot my camera, so we have none of Saturday's show.

My Aunt Joyce shows in the adult class, and it's so fun to watch.

This is my cousin, Elana, showing in a showmanship class. Cute kid!

This is "Belle of the Ball"-Sydney's horse.

This is my mom and Sydney walking the pattern for Sydney's horsemanship class.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kindness Truly Does Make A Difference

Some awesome ladies I have the honor of being friends with run an organization called K.I.D.S. Cuddlekit Closet. Their goal for this winter was to help clothe 150 school aged children for the winter AND give them a day they will never forget, and they achieved their goal and then some. I was invited to bring a few of my own students from Rancho.

From 11:30 - 4:00 these students rode horses, went to a petting zoo, kicked some karate butt, tested out law enforcement vehicles, watched a hot air balloon get blown up, played in snow, made cotton candy, iced cookies to give to a retirement home, got their faces painted, heard a story, and so so so much more!

Our New Moon event was a small way to get involved with this special day, and next year I hope to do so much more to help. I would encourage each of you to look at their website and see what wonderful things they do for our community's children throughout the year. So many people volunteered and helped make this event a success. Now four of my students will be sporting new shoes and hoodies to school Monday. Not to mention, they all saw Santa and went home with one wrapped present containing something from their wish list! This organization truly makes a difference, and it's one you can witness for yourself. Tears came to my eyes several times today, but the best was when one of my students was skipping around outside saying, "This is the best day ever!" Mind you, this was long before the presents were given out.

Other quotes heard throughout my awesome day:

"These are Vans! REAL Vans."

"This is the coolest fake snow. I've never been in real, fake snow before!"

"We get surprises?! You mean, there's more?"

"Mrs. Lemmon, how long do we get to stay here?"

"Is all this for me to keep?"

P.S. Okay, Okay...I let them open their wrapped gifts in the car. I couldn't wait!