Wednesday, February 11, 2015

December at a Glance

December was a fun, fast month for us. Sydney had her holiday choir concert. Buddy had a ball camp. Katie visited, and we decorated Grandma's tree (tradition). Grandma had a story in a date publication. We took the kids to Disneyland for a non-traditional Christmas. I got to see my cousin, Bex, for a brief moment, and my mom was dressed like a Russian mob wife in 75 degree weather.

Oh! And my hair got lighter. Much lighter.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Love When Bro Bro Visits!

I don't get to see my brother very often. He is a big kid now and lives in Texas with is beautiful, sweet girlfriend, Adri. When he does visit, I don't get much time with him because he has a lot of people that love him here in Yuma. Aside from my mother, I think my boys love him most. Look at this picture I happened to see today on my phone. I thought the back of my brother's shirt was appropriate.

Driving Me Crazy!

Sydney got her license the last week of April. This is every teen's right of passage, isn't it? She's a driver, and it's wonderful. She can get herself to seminary, school, work, etc. The only drawback is that I worry constantly. I don't say it, and I try not to show it, but the worry is there. Don't get me wrong, she is a very cautious and level-headed driver, but I am not, and I always wonder if my ways have rubbed off on to my children.

Here is Syd driving Kay around on their first outing together in Syd's car:

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Fair Ain't Fair!

My mom is famous for saying, "The fair ain't fair!". I think it's quite clever and so true.

Sydney had a great year, and we have no complaints.

So I guess I'd say, "It's rare. The 2014 fair was fair."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Room With a View

My grandmother had some health issues and was in the hospital for a week or so. Grandma Evelyn is 84, so the smallest issues can be very scary. I walked in the hospital room, I looked around, and I saw oranges and dates ready to give to doctors, nurses, and visitors. This is no surprise. It's actually quite normal. I laughed, took a picture, and sent it to some cousins and siblings. We are a farming family, lead by a great matriarch. During her hospital stay, I had the honor of sitting by her side for as long as I wanted, and I took full advantage. This is time to be treasured because my grandmother doesn't stay still long. I learn so much each time I am with my grandmother.

Here is just a taste of things I have learned from Evelyn Duke Berryman growing up:

~keep phone calls under five minutes
~take care of your teeth and feet (you only get one set of each)
~college is the only option
~boys can wait
~family first
~give more than you've got
~drive five under (tough one)
~animals make exceptional teachers and therapists
~treat everyone like they are the favorite (it's really me)
~she loved me first

Here are some things I learned in just a week's hospital stay with Evelyn Duke Berryman:

~no one turns down fresh oranges and dates
~kindness really does make a difference
~respect is earned
~don't wear too much makeup
~independence is invaluable
~choose your breeding stock carefully
~let them think they know
~grace and dignity are always appropriate
~I've made her proud

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Last night Bobby and I were visiting in bed. Tiny was asleep between us. Bob and I had been quietly talking for about an hour or so and out of nowhere, Tiny raised his hand high in the air and yelled, "Seven more days!"

He didn't say another word. I guess someone is excited about his birthday.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Visit from Colorado

Josh and Clay brought their kids down to Yuma to escape the cold Colorado weather for a few days. I was just beside myself, but I tried to act calm. I am a little upset with myself because I didn't take too many pictures (Trust me, I was dying to.). We had a couple of good visits. I'm so thankful they came my way.

We, of course, had to put them in luchador masks and break out the camera.

NEXT TIME MORE PICTURES! I'm warning you guys.

Christmas 2013 Highlights

Sydney saw this car months ago and fell in love. Bobby told her someone bought it before he could get to it, and she was bummed. We had really bought it, and we are pretty proud of ourselves for keeping it a secret for so many months. Thank you to friends and family who kept in quiet with us. She was one excited girl Christmas morning.

The tree looked pretty slim as far as gifts went. Cars, dirt bikes, and electric guitars don't really fit under the tree.

My mom shocked me by getting the boys vintage boxing gloves for Christmas. Needless to say, they love them, and my mother was a nervous wreck all morning.

This picture probably doesn't mean much to anyone but me. My dad wore this shirt. It has my grad school on it! I took my graduate school courses online, and I didn't walk the line (a few years ago), so it's kind of like it didn't happen around here. Nothing pleased me more than to see my dad wearing my school's shirt. The parents gave me a Walden University jacket, too. Awesome!

My most touching gift was given to me by Bobby's parents. I had asked for a picture of Christ to hang in my home, and they came through with flying colors. I love it! Tears were shed. Thank you.

Christmas Eve

We have a Christmas Eve tradition or two. One is that the kids all sleep together, and I read them a new Christmas book before bed. A few years back, we started having them sleep in our room, so they don't get to the gifts without us knowing.