Monday, December 14, 2009


We got a new dog about a month ago. It was fun while it lasted, but we just decided we weren't giving her the attention she needed. A friend of mine has taken her, and I know they will be a perfect fit for eachother. In the meantime, I have this picture to post of Buddy and our dog Fran. We have been considering sending Fran to live with Joan to keep Chuy company, but I don't know that I can part with this. Could you?


megan said...

I had to enlarge the picture...I wasn't sure if it was a rabbit...or a large rat maybe?? :)

Kimmy said...

So sorry for Sydneys heartbreak with letting the one go. she has such a sweet heart, so I can understand why she took it so hard.

Just Joan said...

Chuy and I would be delighted...however I know that I couldn't give up my little man, so we understand! (plus she might not love the subzero temp and cold wet snow!)