Monday, May 9, 2011

MY Day!

I had a wonderful and relaxing Mother's Day (minus church). I took a four hour nap and ate great food that Bob made...not me. Food, sleep, and a good book pretty much make the perfect day for me. Easy to please.

I took a couple of photos. Nothing too great, but they have great meaning to me.

Pictured is a note Maverick wrote for me completely on his own. He is phonetically spelling/writing, and this brings me great joy as a reading specialist. He is well on his way to a whole, new world. I'm so proud of him and his hard work this kindergarten year. I wasn't sure how he'd do based on his energy level, but he has proven to be intelligent...just busy. I owe his teachers a special thank you.

Below is pictured Strider and I at Hand In Hand's Mother's Day Tea. It's the most special event of the year, and this was my seventh one. Knowing I may only have one more to attend made me a little sad. My babies are growing up.

One last thing:

Bob had the family go around the circle and say one thing they loved about their mom. Everyone's answers were sweet and cute, and they went around more than once, but this was my favorite.

Syd, "I love Mom's laugh...It's really loud."


Grandma said...
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Natalie Lundberg said...

Happy mother's day! sounds like you had a relaxing one:)

Granni P said...

oh, Sabe, I love the pic of you and Strider. It is sad that they grow up isn't it? Even for Grama's. I liked what Hillary Weeks said at Women's conference. We will know our children as adults for all eternity but only as little children for such just a little bit. I'm paraphrasing of course. I am sure she said it more poetically than I but it made me think!

xenacat1 said...

I loved Maverick's note, and look at gorgeous you in that pic with Strider. Is your laugh loud enough that your children shush you at the movies? Mine is!

xenacat1 said...

Oh, and xenacat1 is Cheryl. Newton, in case you know more than one. I really need to change my Google Account ID!

Sarah said...

you should frame that note! I was literally laughing out loud