Sunday, January 15, 2012

Five Year Miracle!

My "Littlest Babe" turned five today. My heart is full. Everything he does is nothing short of a miracle. I was reminded of this yesterday, when I ran into the lady that handled his transport from YRMC to UMC for ECMO. She said she's done many, many transports, but she never forgets an ECMO baby. Their condition is so fragile when they are flown out. Many of them never transport back. We were told he may never walk, eat, hear, or see. This picture says otherwise:

I know he's a lot to handle, and I love it! I thank my Heavenly Father every, single day for giving me this heartful and handful.

Happiest Birthday, Babes!


Kimmy said...

AWWWW...I LOVE this little post! Happy Bday to your not so Tiny Miracle boy! =)

Tina said...

I cannot believe it has been five years. Such a sweet post...and a sweet, busy boy.