Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Biggest Graduate.

Sydney was promoted last week. She will begin her high school journey in August. Unreal. *Of course, my camera died the minute we walked into the gym for the actual promotion. My mom is going to miss having Sydney at her school. I wonder if she will be there in another year when Mallory is ready for middle school. It's comforting to know Grandma is on campus when you are dropping your first born off to school every day. Yes, my dad needs a haircut. I'm pleased to announce he got one this week. I'm so glad he was there for Sydney's day. Kay-Lanie and Sydney have been apart an entire year! They are looking forward August, for sure. I love my girl. I'm so proud of you, Byrd. *Not pictured due to camera crisis: Adriana, Patty, Tom, and Aunt Vickie


Granni P said...

We were so glad we got to be there! And what a fun day we had following the ceremonies! I hope Kaylie and Sydney had as much fun as I did! I love em so much!!!

alison said...

Awesome, you look fabulous Sabra!!!