Friday, January 11, 2013


While my thoughts are fresh, I want to write them down. Over the years Edna and I have received many inquiries regarding opening a center or other small business and want advice, so here goes:

1. Managing employees can be the hardest part of owning a small business but also one of the neatest parts. I have worked with some of the most spectacular women ever.

2. Kids are easy. Parents can be hard. And yes, the customer is always right...even when they are clearly wrong.

3. There are very few preschool prodigies out there. Sorry. Your child is not hyper because he/she is bored. I can assure you of that.

4. Of the 2,000 registered children, I love just about all of them. A woman's heart always has enough room for more love.

5. If you pay yourself last, you will never get paid, but do not take money you don't have. Tricky. There is never enough money. Expect to double what you budgeted for everything from opening the business, to buying equipment, to paying employees.

6. Don't expect friends and family to grow your business. Marketing and networking grow a business. Try not to take it too personally when family and friends don't support your business.

7. I have an MBA, but actually owning and operating a business taught me more than any schooling ever could.

8. Paperwork is a necessary evil.

9. It's a huge commitment, and it's something you hold near and dear. It's easy to get offended by comments/opinions. Blow it off. They don't understand.

10. Choose your partner wisely. Our accountant told us, "A partnership is like a marriage without the love." I'm grateful for a BUSINESS partner who loves me, and I love her. We didn't really know eachother when we joined forces. This surprises everyone when they find out. I could not have done The TreeHouse without Mrs. Edna. She has been so patient, forgiving, and kind throughout this journey. She deserves an award for putting up with me. Is there a business partner of the year(s) award out there?

As far as my feelings on the sale, I want to record those, too.

I loved it. I am sad to see it end, but it was time. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.


Janet Cox said...

comical, heartfelt, yet truthful sentiments....a new adventure awaits. cheers!

megan said...

oh we love the treehouse!!

Chredna said...

By Far the saddest part is that we can no longer say "we're partners....BUSINESS partners!", and then laugh like we said the funniest thing ever! But I would have no problem saying "we're partners" for the rest of our lives! I love you and I love that we did this together. On to the next.....