Saturday, March 23, 2013

Buddy Decides to Get Baptized.

Turning eight in the LDS religion is a big deal. This is the age children choose to get baptized. I posted this on FaceBook a while ago, but it perfectly captures Buddy's attitude towards baptism and church.

Funny: My boy turns 8 today. In Mormon world that's a big deal. You get baptized and you officially become a member of the LDS church. Bobby asked him if he was excited to become a member of the church. His response, "So, I've been going all this time for nothing?!"

We let him decide for himself if he wanted to make this commitment, and he finally decided to do it. It was a lovely day. He was able to experience the event with is cousin, Lino, and another boy named, David. Sydney and Kay-Lanie gave talks, and Mallory and Malaya sang. It was neat to see the sisters run the show.