Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013 Highlights

Sydney saw this car months ago and fell in love. Bobby told her someone bought it before he could get to it, and she was bummed. We had really bought it, and we are pretty proud of ourselves for keeping it a secret for so many months. Thank you to friends and family who kept in quiet with us. She was one excited girl Christmas morning.

The tree looked pretty slim as far as gifts went. Cars, dirt bikes, and electric guitars don't really fit under the tree.

My mom shocked me by getting the boys vintage boxing gloves for Christmas. Needless to say, they love them, and my mother was a nervous wreck all morning.

This picture probably doesn't mean much to anyone but me. My dad wore this shirt. It has my grad school on it! I took my graduate school courses online, and I didn't walk the line (a few years ago), so it's kind of like it didn't happen around here. Nothing pleased me more than to see my dad wearing my school's shirt. The parents gave me a Walden University jacket, too. Awesome!

My most touching gift was given to me by Bobby's parents. I had asked for a picture of Christ to hang in my home, and they came through with flying colors. I love it! Tears were shed. Thank you.


love, lowry said...

What a great Christmas!