Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Room With a View

My grandmother had some health issues and was in the hospital for a week or so. Grandma Evelyn is 84, so the smallest issues can be very scary. I walked in the hospital room, I looked around, and I saw oranges and dates ready to give to doctors, nurses, and visitors. This is no surprise. It's actually quite normal. I laughed, took a picture, and sent it to some cousins and siblings. We are a farming family, lead by a great matriarch. During her hospital stay, I had the honor of sitting by her side for as long as I wanted, and I took full advantage. This is time to be treasured because my grandmother doesn't stay still long. I learn so much each time I am with my grandmother.

Here is just a taste of things I have learned from Evelyn Duke Berryman growing up:

~keep phone calls under five minutes
~take care of your teeth and feet (you only get one set of each)
~college is the only option
~boys can wait
~family first
~give more than you've got
~drive five under (tough one)
~animals make exceptional teachers and therapists
~treat everyone like they are the favorite (it's really me)
~she loved me first

Here are some things I learned in just a week's hospital stay with Evelyn Duke Berryman:

~no one turns down fresh oranges and dates
~kindness really does make a difference
~respect is earned
~don't wear too much makeup
~independence is invaluable
~choose your breeding stock carefully
~let them think they know
~grace and dignity are always appropriate
~I've made her proud