Friday, March 7, 2008

Real Deal

I started this blog to kind of take place of a journal. I'm looking over my blog, and it's a nice highlight blog, but it doesn't really say much about me and my every day thoughts on anything. I need to get real and put some thoughts on this thing. So beware! You might not like it!

My thoughts today in the shower (after my usual beating over how much weight I've put on over the years) consisted of regrets. Bobby is in a band. I call them "The Regrets." I only call them this because I think most of us regret not taking those piano lessons (or voice, violin, guitar, etc.) more seriously when we were young. Some people say they have no regrets in this life. Lucky them. I have so many. Some seem dumb or trivial, but they are regrets none the less!

Here are some of mine, and they are in no particular order:
1. piano lessons could have been appreciated more
2. voice lessons could have been taken more seriously
3. first four years of community college
4. not really listening in seminary (at least I went)
5. letting peers intimidate me one too many times
6. that haircut in 5th grade
7. not flossing religiously
8. a few guys
9. Autumn (the name not the season)
10. Marley (a dog not a singer)
11. a few purchases on credit
12. wedding reception or two (not just my own)
13. laying my (first three) sleeping babies on their bellies
14. an email or two (Sorry, Karen)
15. Oh, and I have to mention the glasses I wore for a short time in high school. I won't ever admit it verbally, but I wrote this one for you, Bob! They were cool at the time, I swear!

Here are some regrets. I fear I could go on and on. Some make me laugh thinking back and some make me cry. I've grown because of each of these regrets. Would I do them over again? No. I think that's what makes them a regret.


alison said...

Sabs, I love that post, I need to journal more about my thoughts too. I just kinda post picts and descriptions, I really liked this one. I think you should regret not being a writer too, you really are good at it, that post was really good. Ok now about the weight thing, I have just REALLY changed my eating habits. I used to snack on junk A LOT. Now I wake up and eat Kashi Go Lean Crunch every morning, it is really yummy and has a ton of fiber and protien and stuff. Then through the day I just try never to let myself get hungry, so I have my fridge always stocked with bags of veggies and fruits ready to eat also I eat lots of boiled egg whites(no yolks). I started working out for 25 minutes a day, it isn't much, but that is honestly all I can squeeze in without being sleep deprived or without my kiddos being deprived. I don't eat any fried food, and I switched to 100% whole wheat breads and pastas. That is pretty much it, oh and lots of prayer that I won't get burned out and go back to my crappy eating/excersise habits. I have about 40 pounds to get back to my college size which wasn't small, but I felt healthy and happy at that weight. So that is it. Oh and I weigh myself each morning and have to report to my mom and she writes it down. I hated that at first, but it helps me to have her say "don't get discouraged this time last month you didn't loose for 3 days" it helps me not throw the towel in. I have lost 47 so far. I can't wait to get the rest off. You looked good when I saw you too, I really like your cool hair. I wan to get my hair done really bad, I darkened it a while back, but it faded back to the blonde color. Ok well Sorry this is like a mini novel. I just wanted to tell you exactly what I was doing.

megan said...

okay...I burst out laughing at the haircut in 5th grade...mine was the PERM(s)...Kathy was the neighborhood perm"ist" and therefore we looked like we were styled by "G.E." (you can thank Jeff Cook for that description...still remember it from when I was in 5th grade)

Thompson Family said...

I love this Sabra! It's so you! And very deep. Very well written.

grama said...

Hey Sabe. Just finally sat and read your regrets. And the comments. you probably should pursue jounalism, you have a gift. Actually you have many! And I see them all the time. I only wish you could. Aren't we all a little like that though? And probably all have regrets. There in lies wisdom! Love You! I will always remember our day in Scottsdale as one of my favorite with you! Ok maybe I won't ALWAYS remember, but I want to!

cookie said...

I agree with grama. I see your gifts shine brightly. You are beautiful, intelligent, funny, down-to-earth, witty and most of all, brave. Thank you for your thoughtful post. I have some pretty juicy regrets myself. Sorry, even though you enjoy some R-rated reading, I'm not going to publish them in case I run for president someday. Maybe I'll share a few Saturday night but they'll never be in writing. :)