Sunday, June 15, 2008

Third Time's A Charm!

I couldn't let the day end without saying something about the fathers in my life. As some of you may know I've had a few! My first father is somewhat of a mystery man to me. I knew him only seven years. He's my mysterious cowboy. Then there is my second father who adopted me when I was about to turn seven. He's my sweet father with a kind, gentle heart. Both of those fathers have passed. This takes me to my third and final father...My dad, Michael Downing! I love this guy, and he loves me. I always say when it came to dads they saved the best for last! I'll have to do a post someday on being adopted, but for now I will just say a major disadvantage of being adopted is questioning where you belong and if you are loved as an equal. I can say without doubt that my dad loves me like his own, and that's saying a lot! Trust me! He's never let me feel less than or different than, and for that I love him! The greatest gift you could ever give an adopted kid is security. I am secure in my relationship with my dad, and secure relationships don't come so easy for me.

I also have to add the many other lesser gifts my dad brought me when he joined the family. I say lesser, but they are still important none the less. He brought me music! He taught me to love all kinds of music and never limit yourself! He shared with me the love of reading. The man reads multiple books at one time. He was an example to me of a truly converted member of the LDS church when I needed to see one! He showed me that it's okay to be silly (dressing up for events other than Halloween, playing practical jokes, dancing and farting in public). He taught me how to pitch a tent in the rain and take it down while being timed. Which reminds me he also gave me the gift of siblings. One of the greatest lesser gifts he has bestowed upon me is that it's not okay to quit! He raised kids who know how to work! Best of all, he brought me the word "friggin'" all the way from Staten Island, New York! It's just a part of our vocabulary now, but when I first heard him say it I almost cried. My little Mormon ears had never heard such language!

I friggin' love you, Dad!


alison said...

I have never met your dad, but can I just say that I love him!!!!!! He sounds like an amazing guy!

Tina said...

Security is a really good gift...I'm glad it's one you have been given.

Awesome entry!

Mrs T said...

Friggin hilarious!