Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Recitals!

I know I'm late getting all of these pictures up. With the current death of my hard drive these things are to be expected. I'm hoping for a new desktop in February, so I'll be back on track for sure!

We had several programs over the month of December. Here are some photos.

Kibbee playing at her piano recital. No mistakes!

Boops playing for her piano recital. She did awesome! She is really progressing.

This is Kibbee as an elf at her school program.

Buddy & Davis! They are buddies at preschool, and I've been buddies with Davis's mom for MANY years! Love ya' Lainers!

Here is Buddy just before his Christmas program at Hand In Hand. He kept telling us he was going to be the king. He was technically a wise man.


Wendy said...

Those photos are great! Such good looking and talented kids~thanks for the update :)

Katie Kat said...

All of their recitals were the week after I was there! No fair. But the pics are super cute!

Kimmy said...

Your girls did awesome at the recital! But its no surprise cuz they are just awesome!