Monday, November 29, 2010

Moving Day!!!

HSOY's Dog House

Bob At The Hilton

Bob Covered In Dust...the last several months

The Back Of The Gingerbread House

The Treehouse Kids' Club

One Part Of Three For Santa's Workshop....Those are not candles. They get bulbs on top once it's in place.

Bob is moving the village tonight. He and several drivers will be pulling out of Tom Lemmon Drywall around 11:00, and I will be on the curb cheering them on. Here are some of his creations loaded up and ready to go. I am so excited for Yuma! Opening night is December 10th at The Quartermaster Depot. I'm sorry the pictures are so dark. I tried to get there before the sun went down. No such luck.


Sparcam said...

YAY Sabra! Bobby is so gifted! My kids are so excited to go see this. Can't wait!

Linsey F said...

Our family {well at least I am} so excited to go to the Christmas village! Bobby has done such a great job--thanks for sharing him so the rest of us can enjoy a little more Christmas spirit!

Wendy said...

Looking good!

Cams said...

Those look so great! I wish we could see them. Thanks for sharing.

mrs t said...


Brenda said...

I can't wait! What a CHRISTMAS treat! WOW--A combination of Disneyland and The North Pole!

I agree with Linsey-- "A little more Christmas Spirit!"
Thank You!!

Chredna said...

Chris was honored to be part of the moving procession. He said it was quite the sight to see! I'm glad Bobby's motto isn't the same as mine..."least amount of effort possible". HAHAHA!! Awesome! Can't wait to check them out!


Seriously... so awesome! Sad I will miss it but glad I get to see a glimpse through your blog!