Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mother Of The Year!

One day I may write a book, and I already have a title in mind. If I get around to a second book it will be entitled "Mother of the Year" and blow your mind.

I had a mother of the year moment yesterday.

Strider was born with PPHN and tested positive for Strep B, so he was seriously ill. We were flown to Tucson on his second day in this life, and for the next two months our lives were hell (sorry Ms. Martin). During this hellish tour we were also told Strider had a hole in his heart, but it was something we could worry about later. It felt like they were saying, "Let's just see if this kid even lives through this ordeal first."

When he was around 18 months I was notified that the Tucson docs were in Yuma and wanted to see him for his heart. I took him in, and he was out of control. He would not sit still long enough to even listen to the heart much less do any further testing. I was told to come back when he was three.

Last week, I received a letter in the mail notifying me of Strider's heart appointment. The doctor walks in the exam room and listens to his heart. He tells me a murmur is still present and further testing should be done to determine the seriousness, but the test runs between $4-5,000.00. He must have been told I do not have insurance and tells me to give them a call when I get some medical coverage. He proceeds to tell me just as long as it's in the next two to three years, so if surgery is necessary it can be done before the child is seven years of age.

I told him I probably won't have insurance in the future, and here is his response, "Well, I wouldn't go mortgaging the house or anything, just give us a call when you get insurance."

Here is what I wish I could have said:
It's a good thing because I already mortgaged my house in order to pay some other medical bills, sir!!!

Do you realize you are looking at a million dollar baby? Good thing we had insurance back then, but 20% of a million is still a lot!!!

So, you are telling me that that sixteen year old girl in the waiting room with two children will have her son taken care of on the government's dime, but my children who are lucky enough to have two parents who work hard for a living, pay taxes, and try to do the best they can will not be able to provide the medical attention their children deserve?

Of course, it's me we are talking about I said nothing. I just held my son tight and walked out...ashamed, embarrassed, and hopeless.


Katie Kat said...

I love you sister! Hang in there. Ever consider letting your mom have "custody" of him so she can put him on her insurance? Just a the system since the system won't help you.

Sparcam said...

completely sucks. completely. because once the "system" gets its hooks into you, it's all downhill. drives me absolutely insane! Prayers for you and your very BLESSED son because he has you for a mom.

Grammie said...
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Mary Lou said...

Yes it does suck big time and I agree with Katie work the system we are paying for. Everyone else does and they aren't paying. Don't get me started grrr Love you Sabra and I am sure the Lord will bless your family

Sarah Blue said...

I can chip in fifty dollars right now. Give me some time I can scrape together more. I bet other people would be willing to chip in a bit too. Don't know the proper way to go about setting up a fund, but proper or not, you need a fund.

Good luck sweetie!

PS You have nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about. You are Wonderful!!

Kimmy said...

Oh Sabe-- I'm so sorry! Stinking "system." I how I wish I was a heart specialist and could take care of your boy for you. but hey- I make some good cookies-- will that help? :)(kidding)

Finally Finlay said...

Poor Sab and Strider! I'm sorry. I agree with Sara Blue. If we all put our heads together, there is no way that can't all earn enough money to help. Especially as a woman in your possition who already helps others. I just hope you're not embarrassed to have people help you out also. But you can look at it this way; we are just helping your Strider. I pray that we can find a way.