Monday, August 8, 2011

Back To School!

Three of my four kids started school today. Sydney started 8th grade, Mallory 5th, and Maverick 1st.

Maverick's report after school: "The day just kept going, Mom. No playtime just recess." He is adjusting to an all day schedule.

I dropped Sydney off at school and wanted to do the same for Maverick and Mallory. Mallory was excited, but Maverick wouldn't hear of it. He was all geared up for his bus ride. Every day last year we would pass the bus stop full of kids as I drove him to his school across town. We would stop each day and roll the window down, so he could visit with his buddies. If you look close, you can see his white backpack getting on the bus.


Kimmy said...

Look at those CUTE kids!
Mavericks comment is funny..from half day to all day is quite the adjustment huh?