Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something Sweet About Being Adopted.

This was a super sweet thing my son, Strider (4), said today.

As we drove down 1st Street I said, "There is the house I lived in before I was adopted."

My niece, Naomi (7) responds, "You were adopted?"

I quickly say, "Yes, when I was close to your age."

Then she asks, "Why were you adopted?"

I haven't had to answer that one in years. How do I properly answer that question? I blurted out, "Because nobody wanted me."

Strider chimes in, "It was because I wanted you, Mom."

Powerful words. I needed to hear them.


Megan said...

Sweetness, pure and simple.

Chredna said...

instant tears. I wanted you too partner!! Love that boy.

Granni P said...

Wisdom from the mouth of a babe!

Wendy said...

Such perfectly timed...what a sweet boy.

Katie Kat said...

Tear. Pure sweetness. I needed you too!

Finally Finlay said...

Teary and Cheery! Love you Sab

cookie said...

Amazing and beautiful.

Kimmy said...

awwww- i love that~!