Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toothless Wonder.

"I wonder where the time has gone." My grandmother would say it. My mother would say it. It seemed like something only "old" people said. Now, I'm saying it.

My boy is growing up. The loss of a first baby tooth is a big moment. It's the beginning of the end of childhood. I handled his first two baby teeth down below just fine, but this top, big tooth has got me thinking.

This boy is the reason I started blogging. He has spray painted my car, busted Mallory's glasses into tiny pieces (multiple times), popped hundreds of holes into a new leather chair, destroyed my bedroom with a bottle of ketchup, hammered holes in the exterior of our home, and so so so much more. I constantly wondered what I was doing wrong.

Life moves faster the older one gets it seems. Now, I wonder where life will take my boy.

Enjoy each moment. Life is full of wonder.


cookie said...

Was just having the same conversation with my father-in-law today!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh he is so dang cute! Wow naughty too! Sounds like one of my own little naughty bodies! One thing I always say about our house is that "There is never a dull moment!" Those naughty bodies make for an interesting life with lots of stories to tell down the road. You're right though, where does the time go?