Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter Hunt!

I brought over one tradition from my family when I joined the Lemmon clan, and that is the legend of the Golden Egg. My grandmother would keep one egg in the yellow dye all day long while we dyed other eggs in other colors. The egg would come out golden and perfect. She would tape a dollar bill on it and hide it. That was the "Golden Egg." All the glory would go to the child who found the special egg and the money was an added bonus. When my daughter started hunting eggs on Easter many years ago, I decided we needed a golden egg, and I have kept this tradition alive. This year, we got a little carried away with several golden type eggs. Between all of us, I think there was at least $20.00 to be found. Long story short, it didn't go well. We had tears, pouting, and I even saw one kid kick another kid. I was told maybe we shouldn't do the golden egg next year, and to that I say, "The Golden Egg must go on!" We will just be sure to have only one, and we will keep things cheap.


Katie Kat said...

Kids are brats. That's what your story proved. LOL!!!