Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Express Yourself!

I've always been a free spirited sort of parent. It took Bobby about 13 years to convince me a bedtime was necessary. If my boys wanted their fingernails pink they were painted HOT pink. Mallory wanted to color her hair with rainbow stripes, so we did. I think I'm pretty open to their ideas, but this...This pushed my limits:

Anyone who knew Bobby as a child or knows the stories of "Dress Up Bobby" can tell you, "Like father like son." Love this kid. Love his dad.


Megan said...

He is gonna LOOOVE this picture when he turns 14 or 15. ;)

Granni P said...

ok, he has his dad's gold and silver sequined shirts beat! I thought I was pretty supportive letting him wear those to school but I don't think I could have let him leave the house in this! Hilarious! i'm wondering, did anyone offer him a dollar bill?

Kimmy said...

Wow...that is some outfit. But what makes this even better is his awesome posing skillz! Thanks for the laugh!