Monday, January 14, 2008


Several friends have asked me for some book recommendations lately. I saw this awesome little widget on the Thompson's blog. I adopted it! I had to keep it down to the chosen few due to space, but I think this is a great start and sums up my taste quite well. Check out my Shelfari bookshelf to the right!


megan said...

I'm noticing an "asian" theme :) So I'll tell you to go read "Snowflower and the Secret Fan"....Marsha is the asian reader in our family :) Oh...and while we're at it (another of marsha's asian ones) the Samurai's Garden (it was --LOVE the shelfari thing!

Sabra said...

I have Snowflower. I lent it to my sister and my mother in law has it right now. I'm dying to read it, but I keep lending it out!