Monday, January 21, 2008

Jerry The Bull

These are some pictures for Jared. I thought he'd appreciate it! We are proud of you SPECIAL AGENT LEMMON!


Angela said...

Aww. It's crazy how everyone keeps getting older! Anyhow, I saw you on Alison's blog and thought I'd check out your webpage. Feel free to do the same! I can't believe your baby is so big! I'm glad to know he's doing well. So, I guess I'll see you in the foyer sometime! :) Oh, thanks for the book recommends. I haven't read all of those yet - I'll get to it!

alison said...

Wow, special agent, that is great. Is that girl is his wife, she is gorgeous?

grama said...

Ok so I finally got into my account on google. Couldn't remember the pass word so had to get a new one. Hope this one sticks. So anyway. love your blog Sabra and thanks for sending me the links. I need you to come give me a lesson so I can post a pic if I ever have one to post or on our family blog. Anyway, love the book shelf. I expect to see Snowflower and the Secret Fan up there soon. Loved it!