Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I've talked with a couple of friends about resolutions for the year. I typically don't buy into the resolution thing, but this year I thought of a few. I tried to think of things I could actually accomplish if I put forth a tiny effort.

1. Work more, sit less.

2. Write more, call less.

3. Read more, watch less.

4. Drink more, eat less.

5. Think more, speak less.

6. Live more, worry less.

7. Complement more, complain less.

8. Wear socks more so my feet won't crack or turn black.

How about those resolutions for 2009?!


mrs t said...

Every year I resolve to start flossing my teeth. I last for a little while, but then I get lazy. Stick to the sock resolution. You won't regret it!

ashersjane said...

So love your list. I have about 2 done on mine well almost. Hope you are doing good!

PEHNelson said...

I like that you did more/less list. It really made me think about those things that I need to do Less of. Instead of dwelling on the things that I don't do, maybe if I did LESS of some of the stuff that I do do ('Friends' anyone?) maybe I'll have more time to do some of the things that I have always put on my goals list!

Tina said...

I like this type of list, because you aren't dealing with absolutes...just a general direction. Good luck with it!

alison said...

Those are great ones! I need to work on all those too. GOodluck!

Angela said...

What a great way to do resolutions! Thanks for sharing. Hmm, I think facebook less and pay attention to my kids more should be on mine!

Laydee said...

lol- nice. the last one is funny.

I Love Your Tee, BABY said...

I love the Resolutions! Thanks for the link to your friend blog...I was looking at it (see is really good, I love style!) I was so fun to see on the second page my friend and her family I haven't seen in 4 years. It the post "going out in style" It's a small world...