Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas '08!

Seems I have to post pictures of our Christmas just for posterity's sake, but there really isn't much to report. We had a lovely Christmas. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Where else in the world can you ride the bike Santa brought you in shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas morning?!

Santa brought Buddy this new bike. He has a bike, but he always wants to ride Mallory's bike because it's taller (too tall for him).

This is Buddy punching Tiny because Tiny won't give him his little $3.00 airplane. Nevermind Buddy received a Leapster, a new bike, and several other great toys!

Syd has decided she is collecting Barbies. Santa brought her the Holiday Barbie from the year she was born and her favorite Holiday Barbie from 2007.


alison said...

Wow looks like a great morning, and that is so funny to see your little Buddy riding his bike in his summer clothes on Christmas morning!

Kimmy said...

Cute pictures!

Laydee said...

looks a fun morning!

brenda said...

Looks Like Fun! I voted for you lots! :)