Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beefy Taco Soup!

This is the perfect hearty, winter soup. It's a meal in itself. I top it with a little sour cream and shredded cheese. Tortilla chips are a nice accessory, too. My sister, Katie, and I first made this soup a couple of winters ago, and we just love it! It's not my recipe, but I have made some changes. The original recipe is from a Gooseberry Patch book. If you like to cook these books are essential.

1 lb. ground beef
14 1/2 oz. can stewed tomatoes
15 oz. can kidney beans (rinsed and drained)
1 1/4 oz packet of taco seasoning mix
8 oz. can of tomato sauce

Brown your beef and throw it in the crock pot or in a big pot on the stove. Let it simmer on the stove or leave it on low in the crock all day (6-8 hours). Check on your brew every hour or two. Give it a stir and add water if you don't like the consistency. I end up adding a couple cups of water by the end. This serves 4-6 healthy servings. I always double it. If there is extra take it to a friend...Unless your friend hates beans and/or beef (Kimmy). Here is a tip to go along with the recipe: Before you throw in your stewed tomatoes you might want to cut them up a bit. I have one daughter that doesn't want huge bites of tomato in her bowl. Also, if you are on Weight Watchers you might be interested in this tip...I use the leanest ground beef I can buy, and that makes this meal fairly low in points. I haven't done the exact math, but you know tomatoes and beans are practically nothing!


FarFam said...

Thanks for sharing! I will prob make it soon! Yum Yum!

megan said...

how about you make it and bring it up here :)sounds yummy.

Laydee said...

mmm- sounds good to me! i'm in a total soup mood today too :)

Tina said...

Sounds great...perfect for winter. (Remind me to put tortilla chips on my shopping list!)

TAMMY said...

That looks easy and yummy! My two favorite things! Will have to make it soon!