Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hunt!

Here are several pictures from the Easter egg hunt in Tom and Patty's backyard. We probably had around 150 eggs, and they were all found in less than three minutes. It was nuts!

This is the holding room. The grandkids hung out in here while the men hid the eggs.

Lino sprinting for some eggs!

Buddy on the prowl.

Naomi found the golden egg. This is another tradition of mine.

Gel and Lino trying to find eggs. Very intense hunt.

Jason helping Brooke through the flowers. There are always a ton of eggs to find in there!

The two big girls weren't sure if they were going to join in the hunt this year. They sure look into it to me!

Ashley and Tiny!

Most of the cousins after the hunt. No injuries or deaths.


Kimmy said...

Looks like quite the hunting party! So much fun!

Laydee said...

another good year then! lol- Hey what comes with the GOLDEN egg??

P.S. Tell Ash I like her hair!

mrs t said...

Looks like a great time! Your kids are so lucky to have so many cousins, especially so close. Glad no one was killed.