Monday, April 20, 2009

Things To Do Today!

Here is my checklist for today:

1. Buy treats for Syd's birthday and take them to school.
2. Go birthday shopping for Syd.
3. Babysit friend's kid while she goes to the doctor.
4. Family dance organization meeting at the school.
5. Go to job interview.
6. Do homework.
7. Start potty training puppy.
8. Buy all things puppy.
9. Make sure boys don't smother, drown, or break the puppy.


Sparcam said...

Sounds like the normal day of a mother! Plus new puppy!

Laydee said...

job interview huh?

BlairsTown said...

We're all curious now...job interview? What dance are you doing at the school?

Channon said...

my list today: sleep

good luck on your interview. is it at the Catholic school?