Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Here!

Our event has finally arrived. Amazing how time flies sometimes. Just a last minute check to make sure everything is clear.

- We are meeting at the Pacific Plaza on Pacific Avenue right near the mall.

- If you need childcare go to New Moon rate of $3.00/hour/child applies!


- NO! We are not watching Twilight first. Yes! We are seeing the movie earlier than anyone else in town.

Shannon, Devra, and I would just like to thank you ahead of time for your infectious excitement about this event. We hope you enjoy every minute of your evening.


franksgirl said...

Sabra I just wanted to thank the 3 of you and all the behind the scenes work that went on to make such an awsome event run so smoothly. As i've said all along and will continue to say YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks for being a good friend i've really needed one latley:) Will have to get together agin soon.