Friday, February 11, 2011

Three Cups A Day!

With the new year I decided I was going to get to the gym. During the last twenty seconds of my first time ever spin class, my foot somehow got wrapped up around the pedal, and I fractured two bones in my ankle.

While in the exam room at The Great Dr. Peare's office he asked me if I drank a lot of milk. I assured him that I do. He said, "Do you drink at least three cups a day?"

Bob jumps in, "Depends if there are Oreos in the house."

I couldn't say a word. It's all true. I'm so bad.


xenacat1 said...

I love Bobby. He's awesome.

Kimmy said...

I love you sabra. You are just so delightfully refreshing.

Lisa Love said...

Oreos have eggs in them so I don't see the problem... :)

Katie Kat said...

Milk is disgusting! I don't know how you and Joan can keep drinking it. LOl
However, I do love the oreos :)

Carol Godinez said...

I agree with Kimmy...delightfully refreshing.