Saturday, July 5, 2008

Take Me Home Jesus!

Maverick asked me if I felt sick. I said, "Yes. I'm very sick."

Maverick responded, "You gonna go live with Jesus, Mom?"

I'm back from my tonsil ordeal. I am in no way fully recovered, and I think it's painful for my kids to watch. I can't talk, swallow, or stay awake over an hour at at time it seems. I thought I was a fairly strong person. I wear five c-sections like a badge of honor, but this is different. Way different! The doctor told me yesterday to hang in there and expect about one more week of pain.

Please note the time I'm writing this post. The pain is so severe it wakes you up for more pain meds!


The McEwen Family said...

you poor girl I hope you can hang in there and feel better soon!

Mrs T said...

Poor Sab! I know having my wisdom teeth pulled was harder for me than having a c-section. The recovery seemed like it took forever. So much pain!! I seriously thought I'd never be normal again. Get better soon! I hope your kids aren't too traumatized!

Carolina said...

Oh Sweetie!

Hang in there! Love you!

alison said...

I am hurting for you right now, there is nothing worse than feeling that awful pain that keeps you up, oh wait yes there is, feeling that way and knowing you still have to wake up and keep the house and family running smoothly. Hope you feel better soon. Sorry you are going through this right now, I can't believe it is worse recovery than a C-section. That is so crazy!

PEHNelson said...

I hope you feel better!

Jeff & Heather Neese said...

Bless your heart!!! Just remember, this to shall pass!