Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Party Update!

Darin Fenger of the Yuma Daily Sun just interviewed me in regards to the Twilight Tailgate Party! It will be in print tomorrow! If you do not have your spot reserved at this point, you better give Shannon or I a call! The article will give my email address for those interested in attending. This could get scary.

Our custom made tickets should be available by Friday, so we would love to give you your ticket(s) when you pay. These tickets along with the article would make great keepsakes for true Twilight fanatics.

We have an exact location reserved for the tailgate portion of the party but have decided to keep it quiet for now just to avoid uninvited guests.

Also, we have changed the time to 10:00 rather than 10:30 just to allow for plenty of mingling before hand. We don't want to have to rush!

I think that's it! Keep your eyes open for the article in tomorrow's paper! I hope I didn't say anything dumb or rude! Cross your fingers!


PEHNelson said...

Can't wait!!! glad its you and not me!

cookie said...

Just read the article online. No worries, you sound very cool. I like the touch about Pearl Buck and Charlotte Bronte. Great idea you had about reserving the theater. :)

FarFam said...

Good are brave to give out your email!!! Cant wait for the PAR-TAY!

brenda said...

Do you still have tickets? Brandi would love to come. I would love to see the movie, I'm just wondering if I can stay awake!

Tina said...

Off to find the article....:)

I Love Your Tee, BABY said...

I wish I could come! That's great that you can take on planing a big party like that.