Monday, December 22, 2008


I had a little laugh to myself today and thought I would share. It may seem silly to some, but others will appreciate it.

With some of my babies I have looked forward to each milestone. With the first and the last I haven't been as eager. I'm pretty certain Strider is our last, so I try to enjoy each stage (some days not so much). Some milestones I have enjoyed reaching would be sitting up, holding their own bottle, crawling, walking, etc. Typical milestones. Well, today a new milestone was reached here in our Lemmon home, and I smiled inside. My nieces and daughters opened their own ketchup packets! Yeah for me! Two down and two to go!


PEHNelson said...

That is a great one!!!! Hunter just started doing that recently...and it's awesome!

wendy said...

I miss being able to help my girls do things like that...time flies by so fast! Enjoy every little thing before it is gone :)

mrs t said...

Oh Happy Day!