Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This new year is already full of comings and goings.

1. Our great neighbors left us at the end of December. This is going to be a huge adjustment for not only myself but my entire little family. Alonso and Carol have been so good to us, and their kids have become very special to us. They are only a mile or two away, but it feels like a million miles when you are accustomed to walking next door in your pajamas. We did celebrate Carol's birthday in good ole' Lemmon/Acosta style with lots of carne and salsa! Dangit, no pictures. Next time!

2. Bob was called to the bishopric. For those of you familiar with Mormons you know what this entails. For everyone else, let's just say he's going to be busy, and this means a change in my calling (primary pres.) coming soon.

3. Scouting Expo was here, and we had a blast. I was just going to head over to enjoy some tri tip, but I ended up staying most of the day. Great food and even better folks!

The boys loved the cool, old trains they could play on.

The boys' favorite booth at the expo was where they could make and use their own marshmallow guns. Just to give you an idea of how many marshmallows there were on the ground, I am posting this picture of truly embedded soldiers.

Tiny enjoyed playing with his food, as always.

This is Maverick in front of a truck from Dad's favorite store, Southwest Lumber!

My boys were super excited to see a Border Patrol car just like Uncle Aaron and Uncle Mike drive (not quite).

4. Mallory and Malaya were baptized January 30th.

5. Annette and I went to Psychic Sylvia Browne. She is just like she was on Montel. We had a fun time. The best part was getting to hang out just us. It had been much too long. I do have one horrid picture I refuse to put on the blog.


Just Joan said...

what a busy wonder you had no time to post! thanks for the pics...everyone looks so cute!!!

Sarah Blue said...

Southwest Lumber is one of my favorite stores too.

Congrats to Mallory and Malaya! They look lovely.

What did Sylvia say to you? Who did she channel? I'll have to get details next time I see you. :)

Megan said...

Big hugs to my Activity Day girls!!
Wish I could have been there!

Kimmy said...

What beautiful girls~! I especially love that picture of them with Patty. And how cool that they got to be baptized together. Well not together obviously- but together on the same day.

Carolina said... sweet! We miss you guys too! Life's not as fun w/out you guys a few feet away.

Congrats to Mallory and Malaya! I'm sorry we couldn't be there.

alison said...

Wow, your little girl was baptised??? Where does the time go! I love the picts of you on here. Wow Bobby will be a busy man in the bishopric, it seems so funny to me, I am still in the stage of thinking we are all still kids, just out of H.S. obviously I am in denial or something. The scout expo was so much fun, just an absolutely gorgeous day for it too. Hope things are going well, I never see you now that we are not in the same building.