Monday, February 15, 2010

My Dearest Dear!

I wanted to wait until after Valentine's Day to write a little something about Bob. He would be expecting it on the day and disappointed. I knew if I waited it would be all the sweeter for him. He claims I never write about him.

Warning: This might get sappy, and that's something I don't reveal very often.

Bobby worked tirelessly this weekend for The Treehouse, the Heritage Festival's River Daze, and me. He created a 50 foot long river and hauled it down to Old Yuma in an attempt to help save Yuma's Territorial Prison. He then hauled The Treehouse's float down to Old Yuma for our publicity booth. He made sure to keep Edna company, so she would not be too bored and lonely without me while I worked at Rancho. He fixed a leak in the river. He even enjoyed the sweet sounds of "Johnny Black" singing and selling his cd at the booth across the way.

No complaints.

Saturday he kept the kids most of the day and took Mallory to her parade performance just so I could sit at The Treehouse booth all day.

No complaints.

Sunday he got up before daylight for meetings and attended to his church duties. He made arrangements to leave quickly after church, so he could drive Sydney out to Roll to ride her horse. Then he headed to Old Yuma to haul his river away to The Quartermaster Depot. After that challenge he had to take The Treehouse float home.

No complaints.

He arrived home after dark and made dinner for his little family for Valentine's Day.

No complaints.

I love my busy Valentine!

This is our 13th Valentine's Day together, and I am certain I love him more than I did on our wedding day if that is possible. Looking back, it's almost laughable at how little I knew about 19 year old Bobby Lemmon. Due to trials and experiences we've shared over our years together, I have seen the depths of his soul and have been the recipient of so many of his gifts. Bobby has the gift of ceativity, dreaming, serving, sharing, patience, music, and listening.

No complaints.

I love you Dearest of Dears!


Tina said...

What a nice tribute to your Valentine.

You two are a great couple. The gifts you each have seem to be just the right combination.

(Your little warning made me smile. I don't usually go very "deep" when I write, for fear of getting sappy. That is not how you came across though...just so you know.)

Kimmy said...

How sweet! You and Bobby are a great match!
your warning made me smile as well! How cute you are! And hey- there is nothing wrong with being sappy! ;)

Lisa and Troy Love said...

What a great post Sabra. Your husband is a great man. You are a wonderful couple.

Just Joan said...

Loved your post as well. He is a great man and treats my sissy the best ever! I am glad he is a part of our family.

canewton42 said...

You definitely got one of the good ones! That's "my" Bobby!

Megan said...

So sweet!
What a nice post- nothing wrong with sappy...which you weren't.

Chredna said...

sweet post. are you sure he didn't complain about keeping me company?

Wendy said...

What a wonderful little peek inside your busy, beautiful, fulfilling lives~Bobby is very talented and has blessed so many lives by his unselfishness and are a wonderful compliment to such a good man! You two are amazing!


I have missed your posts! And I bet Bobby loves you more than your wedding day as well. I think that IS possible and the depth of each other's souls that you get to experience along all the years your together, is amazing indeed. I have had that "A HaH" moment this month as well. Miss You!