Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tiny and Tiny Tots.

Tiny has been attending Tiny Tots through the city's parks n' rec. He seems to enjoy it. Zulema picks him up every day, and he seems to go willingly and with a smile. It seems that just about every day we hear something about his behavior. Here are some of his offenses:

-He takes his shoes off.
-He pushes.
-He hits.
-He won't stay in time out.
-He has been found partially nude.
-He pees at recess...On the playground.

Twice we have received "incident reports" from the teachers. I have had a phone conference once with a teacher. She said, "We don't want him out. We just want you to work at home on the same things we work on here." I assured her I do not encourage nudity and hitting at home, but I told her I would try my best to talk to him each day about his behavior before and after Tiny Tots.

Thursday I received a call from someone in the parks n' rec's office. This was an "official" call to talk about Tiny's behavior issues. She asked if I could attend Tiny Tots with him, and maybe this would help.

I couldn't help but laugh inside. This is the same technique I use in my classroom. I call the parent and ask them to come sit with their unruly child. We all know this cures the behavior for the day, but it does not change the child. I just listened to all the "expert" had to say while laughing still inside. I am an educator, a child care center owner, and above all a mother of four. On paper I should not be having this conversation, but here I am.

Long story short, my son is officially out of Tiny Tots. All of you moms out there that have children who have fallen victim to his terror are now burden free. Your child can go to Tiny Tots free of fear and without hesitation.

I'm still laughing inside.

Is this what the parents of my students are doing when I call? Are they blogging and laughing?

P.S. Tiny's behavior is angelic when compared to his brother's behavior at the age of three. Tiny is breath of fresh air. My calm...after the storm.


Heather Volack said...

Oh, Sabra. That made me and my husband laugh. We believe you encourage nudity at home!! Regan was in tiny tots too. We didn't have any disruptive kids but we did have a not so nice teacher. We officially removed ourselves from the program and headed to Hand in Hand. Thanks for your honesty in your blog. So refreshing.

Nelson Family of 7 said...

My Cooper WAS kicked out of his daycare. We went the same thing with him. He is kindergarten now and has gone to the principals office 3 times....some kids are just.....what's the word?? :) I feel your pain Sabra!! I feel your pain!! I am glad you are having a sense of humor about it....:)

Kimmy said...

Well this makes me feel slightly better about my Toast, but he's 6.
I love that you can laugh about it Sabe. I'm the opposite. I end up crying in frustration to my mother after I get those phone calls. You're way sounds much healthier.

Kimmy said...

typo- "your way" not "you're way". sorry i know that bugs you. ;)

FarFam said...

Oh! That makes me sad (and slightly amused!!)!! We will miss Tiny!

Sarah Blue said...

Hooray! For my own selfish reasons I am so happy that Tiny is out of Tiny Tots. Now he will be back at Treehouse where my little guy has missed him terribly. :)

Wendy said...

What is Tiny Tots a no-shirt, no-shoes business? When did it start becoming a crime to push, or hit? Doesn't anyone else there have siblings or cousins? Hmm...and if they only knew how you feel about nutity...common! And about the recess pee-time, his mother was raised on a farm, that's what everyone does, (girls included) what do they expect? At least he doesn't go in his pants right?!
I am glad he isn't there anymore-he needs to be at a place where Tiny can be Tiny.
P.S. I got kicked out of Brownies when I was 5-I'm alright.

Jadabug said...

Hey girl. They just don't understand him! If you want the Tinytine to pee you lead him to the toilet with candy(DUH). If you want him to sit in time out, you play the clap game with him until the count of ten(double DUH). If you want to prevent nudity, let little man wear the superhero costume(the one with the built in muscles) and the nacho libre mask(granted he may be naked underneath, but the situation is resolved). It is Tiny Tots loss, because, in my opinion, TINY is the coolest, most unique, fun and loveable TOT I know! Love yas.

The Davis Diaries said...

I am dying! That is so funny! Do those people at Tiny Tots not have ANY children themselves??? Nudity and hitting come with the territory! You work through it! You are so funny Sabe, way to take it laughing, and it is even funnier that you see it from both sides!

alison said...

So funny, especially since it is not my little munchkin. We have had our share with our little man over teh years as well. I think being a teacher puts a lot of things in perspective for us moms sometimes. I am def. more careful when discussing discipline problems with my students moms, because I know how frustrating it can be to hear someone saying, your child did this...
He is so dang cute!

Lisa and Troy Love said...

I've been thinking about enrolling Ben in Tiny Tots for next fall but I have actually feared that what you have experienced, I will also experience. Gotta love those boys who are gonna turn the world upside down someday huh? If we moms can just survive until then. :)