Thursday, June 17, 2010


Where else can you walk away from a job feeling like you made a difference in a life every, single day?

Rancho's new principal called me today with a proposal, and I accepted. I will return to teaching in August part-time. I could not stay away from my Rancho family.

There are so many reasons I said yes to the position, but the staff and students are number one, and number two is I LOVE TO TEACH. It's like a drug to me. It gives me a charge to see the light bulb turn on. I can make a difference. That's a very addictive feeling.

In the spring when I'm complaining about whatnot and what have ya, tell me to reread this post!


alison said...

I love that you are teaching, the world needs more teachers just like you!

Sparcam said...

I have always firmly believed that one teacher can make a difference, one way or the other. I'm so glad there's one more for those kids to rely on for a positive experience!

Kimmy said...

Awesome news Sabe! WOoHOO!!!

Tina said...

Of course they couldn't let you get away! I hope it goes really well for you.