Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Irish Twins!

UrbanDictionary.com defines "Irish Twins" as two people (siblings) born less than 12 months apart (from the stereotype that Irish Catholics have many children).

That would define my sister, Katie, and I...Sort of. Technically, we are 364 days apart, and we are sisters. I guess all that back story will someday have to be written and posted, as well. Man, I better get on all of these writing assignments.

I was so lucky to have my Katie Kat in town (if even just one night). We went out with the parents to dinner, shopped at Sam's Club, watched television until midnight. Add a book and some Oreos, and you don't get much better than that.

Remember when we were kids, and we would countdown until the big day? It was at the forefront of our minds for weeks and weeks. Strange how priorities shift with age. Now, the forefront of my mind is fogged with boring, mundane things (not even worth mentioning). When I do have time to think about my birthday, I shove it out of my mind as quickly as possible because I just think about the wrinkles and chub appearing everywhere.

Well, I'm just glad I was able to age with my Irish twin this year. We have finally settled on an age to tell everyone for the next few years, and that feels good.


Katie Kat said...

Love it! I figured as long as I keep all my "chub", I won't have as many wrinkles. LOL It was so fun to spend some time together for our birthdays. Love you my Irish Twin!

Just Joan said...

Awww my sissys!! So whats this age we will be celebrating for the next few years?

Kimmy said...

I have never heard the "irish twin" thing before. Interesting. Kylie and Tyler were almost "irish twins" but since they are a year and 13 days apaprt, we missed the mark just a tad.
HAppy Belated birthday! Hope you had a good time celebrating!


Happy Belated Bday too! My dad and his sister are Irish Twins! He was born in January and my aunt was born in December of the same year!

Tina said...

I am glad you had some fun:)

And yes, get on the writing assignments! (Like you have nothing else to do.)