Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thought This Was Funny...

I am forced to sit upright for a half hour after taking my medicine, so I decided to blog something I found funny before I go pass out for another several hours (for your sake do not ask).

Below you will see a picture of something I have probably never worked so hard for. I should cherish the proof, right? Most folks frame it and hang it, or walk the line and get a picture taken with it, or at least show their children, so their children can understand what took their mom away from them so many hours of so many days for so many years.

Not me.

It sat on my kitchen counter for two days until my mom saw the box and asked what it was. I told her, "I'm sure it's my diploma." She told me to open it as she pulled out her camera (no makeup morning). I'm going to call that my graduation party!

It's just a piece of paper right?


Megan said...

I would have had a mini replica tattooed somewhere on my body all ready! Or,... a bumper sticker. :)

canewton42 said...

I think Dean Shimizu made copies of his into placemats. Or something like that.

The Farar Family said...

Congrats! Totally awesome! I would tell you you should frame it and hang it up for all to see. But honestly, our diplomas are in a box in the office somewhere too. Never looked at since we got them. Guess that's just the way it is!

So now my question...what do you do with all your "free time" now????

Brenda said...

That's a pretty BIG DEAL!

alison said...

I can't wait to get my piece of paper! Congrats Sabra!

Kimmy said...

WOOHOO! to you!!!!!